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Creating a Funnel That Grows With Your Business

We’re going to cover how to create a complete information marketing funnel – and how to do it quickly.

The biggest trap people fall into with an information business is not having products. That’s what will hurt you the most.

It’s easy to rely on affiliate marketing. Then your business becomes centered around other people, instead of you. Then you don’t build relationships with your list.

Or, the second thing that happens is you say “Well, I can’t sell anything until I have a product, so I’m going to write an e-book.” And the first e-book that most people write takes a long time. I’ve had clients that tell me they’ve been working on an e-book for years, others that may work on the e-book for 6 months, or 90 days, before they’re able to create it. And, boy, that just really takes away from the fire. If you start your online business today and it’s 90 days before you even have the first product available to sell…

That’s rough!

That puts you 90 days behind. And! Now you only have one product.

Quickly Create a Product Funnel

Very specifically, what I’m going to show you right now is one way that you can very quickly create a product funnel.

I’ll give you some specific steps to take. This is designed to be a foundation. You can build on this foundation over time. You can create additional varied types of products. Create different kinds of products to put into your funnel as time goes on. If you build your foundation correctly, and you get your foundation in place, you can literally bolt things on, just like you can bolt additional accessories onto your car. You can bold additional pieces on at will, as time goes on.

You don’t want to build something that’s so complex that in order to put one more piece in you’ve got to remake your whole business. I’ve seen people do that too. When they want to launch a new product, it doesn’t fit with everything else. They have to remake their whole business. They go through these patterns of making sales, and remaking their business, and making sales, and remaking their business. You don’t want to do that.

Create a Funnel You Can Build On

You want to create a solid foundation. You can just literally bolt things onto the back end once you have this product funnel. You’ve got 3, 4, 5, 6 products in the first month. Then, if you want to add another product, great! You just put it onto the end. Or, you plug it into the middle somewhere.

Obviously this fits in with the automated auto responder sequences that we’ve been discussing here on the blog and over on Youtube. You’re going to promote one product to your list through your automated e-mail campaign, for whatever the time frame is: 7, 10, 14 days. You’re going to promote that first product.

Then, when that’s over, you’re going to begin to promote something else. You’re going to be tracking, testing, split testing your sales page. You’re going to be tracking, and testing which e-mails perform and create the most sales. As that campaign grows, say, it’s got 100 e-mails in it, and you’re tracking the conversion rate on each one of those e-mails, you’re able to see which ones perform better than others. You can move the ones that perform better to earlier parts of the campaign, when you have higher opening click-through rates.

And, over time, your conversion rates will go up, and up, and up. And, your dollars per subscriber will go up, and up, and up.

It all starts with getting products flowing into your funnel. We’re going to talk about that a lot more next week, so start thinking about potential products!

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