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Creating Sales Letters for Low-Ticket Products

Okay, so I talked about low ticket products and why I chose the Warrior Forum. It’s just easier to break into. Over at JVZoo, affiliates kind of have to notice you. On the Warrior Forum they’re somewhere right there to promote it.

Using My Own Pages

One the things I wanted to share is why I stopped using their WSO posts. And here’s what happened folks, and there’s just so much noise on that forum, there’s so much noise on that forum, that I would release a WSO, and if I didn’t sit there and every five minutes, every time somebody asked a question, some of which were more salient than others, then you would get a whole bunch of people that would start slamming the product. And then as soon as those people would start slamming the product, conversion rates would go down. And so I just tested doing a self hosted page and realized that conversion rates stayed high. I guess I was always under the opinion that you had to have all those comments in order to get good conversion rates. And you know that whole thing about social proof, but what I’ve decided is, what I’ve discovered is I get the same conversion rates on my own page where people can’t leave comments and really muck up the sales.

And, that’s the big reason why I switched over.

Keep It Simple!

Okay. Here’s the sales page formula I use, and it’s really simple.

I just ask questions at the front end. Are you struggling with this, are you frustrated with this, are you trying to do this?

Folks, for a SEVEN DOLLAR ITEM, it doesn’t need to be any more glitzy than that. I really believe that.

Now, are there a few sales letters that come out on the Warrior Forum, if you look at them, and I think most of them are self hosted so you can’t even go through the WSO forum anyway, you sort of have to become an affiliate and then go through the sales pages of the people that are promoting their affiliate items to even be able to find them, but if you find them occasionally you’ll find one that’s doing really, really well, and it kind of uses a different approach, a lot of times there’s a lot of hype, and theres just more hype than I’m willing to tolerate. I just don’t like to use hype in my sales letters.

So we start out asking those questions.

And then I just say. If that’s the case, then I believe I can help you. And here’s why. Because I’ve been there, because I’ve had clients who have been there.

And we’ve discovered that there is a solution, this is the solution.

And, what I’ve done for you is I’ve created a one-hour audio training where you can learn everything you need to know about this.

Here’s what it teaches, and then there’s a set of bullet points that are exactly what’s taught in the program.

And then there’s a close.

Penny Sale Strategy

This tactic is WSO oriented. So I do the penny sale and it raises a penny every time somebody buys. I know a lot of people make it raise a penny every ten sales, twenty sales, but for SOME reason, my list won’t convert to that.

On my sales pages conversions are much lower. So I just do a penny up if we do sell a thousand items, well, then it’s going to be a seventeen-dollar price by the time it’s all said and done.

Affiliates are going to be happy with those prices. Conversion rates level off after a few days anyway. So, with the price going up, it balances the conversion rate, realistically, most WSO’s do three or four hundred sales, or so. So you do three-hundred sales, two-hundred of those are front end, your price is only going from seven-dollar to nine-dollars anyway, your upsells converting better once the price goes up a little bit. So, the price goes up. It’s no big deal.

So I’m going write a call to action that’s accounting for this: Look, here’s the thing, this is powerful training, I could sell this for ninety-seven dollars. But, because I’m launching it first on the Warrior Forum, I’m going to WSO pricing, so the price goes up a penny every time someone buys it. And then there’s a buy button. The buy button has ninety-seven dollars, and then crossed off, and then it has whatever the current price is. Six-dollars and seventy-eight cents, and then underneath that I put the little button that says that this is the last one at this price, why can I put that button? Because the price is going up a penny every sale. If the price was only going up every ten sales, I couldn’t put that button. And, so I like that button.

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