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Driving Traffic with Solo Ads

I want to start by giving you a background on solo ads.  Here’s how I define solo ads for the purpose of this training: a solo ad is an email advertisement that you will purchase from someone else in your niche that has an email list. That person will send your email advertisement out to their list recommending that their subscribers take a look at your ad.  That’s my formal definition of solo ads.

When you think about purchasing a solo ad, you’re purchasing an email that’s going to be sent out to somebody who is in your niche that has subscribers on their list who meet your target market.  In that email there is going to be either a link to an opt-in page so that people can become subscribers on your list, or, there will be a link to a sales page if you prefer to build your list with buyers instead of subscribers.

I’m going to teach you how to find people in your niche from whom to purchase solo ads.  I’ll also give you some of the details for how you can continually grow your list over time through the use of these solo ads.

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