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Email Twice in One Day – and Leave Your Subscribers Begging for More

Why would we have two emails in one day? Some days, we send an email out in the morning so we know that somebody is thinking about our offer. We want to get into their mind tonight before they go to bed.

For example, on the morning of a particular day, I make a statement in an email and then I have a question in the same email that asks: “what you think about my statement?” Hopefully they’re going to think about it throughout the course of the day.

The question is going to be deep enough that it’s something to think about. This won’t be something like ABC and 123, this is going to be something deep.  They’re coming to us for something deep, they’re coming to you because they want to learn something new.

Let’s say that this new email went out at 11 o’clock in the morning and now at 7 o’clock at night or at 9 o’clock at night, I send another email and it says, “This morning I asked you XYZ. Have you had some time to think about that today? If so, what about…?”  Then you have another question that makes things deeper.

There are some questions that may be on your mind right now:

1. What if some people only read their email once a day?

They’ll be able to interact with your 2 emails at same time, the moment they read your last email and search their inbox for your prior email.

What I have noticed repeatedly over time is that the people buy the most from me are the people who open the most emails from me.

If I were to take a basket of 100 people that only opened one email a week and compared it to a basket of people who open one email a day, the people who open one email a day will probably buy five times as much from me, if not ten or twenty times as much. If I take a basket of people who open one email a day from me and take another basket of people who open three emails a day for me, the people who open three will buy more than the people who have opened just one per day.

We’re not talking about repeatedly sending two emails a day. From time to time we will have a second email that goes out to our list in the same day. This will help amplify sales. We’re also going to have some dead time.

For example, after the final notice for people to enroll in our coaching program maybe we just disappear for three days and don’t send a single email. If people are looking forward to our emails then people will wonder where you’re. When they finally get an email, four days later, it’s just a nice content email covering something that may have never learned before,  or maybe it’s new information that would tweak their mind and make them really think. In this email we are not going to sell anything.

When they get this email, they’re really watching for to this email because they have not had one for four days and they read it and they say “Wow, this is incredible information!”

What are we trying to do at this point? If the 90 people who did not buy don’t trust you enough, what does this email do for them? We’ve gone three days and we have not said anything. On the fourth day, they’re looking forward to something, and we send them the most incredible email in the universe.

What just happened to their trust?

What does this do? If we build up their trust, and we build further on that with more content and engagement, what happens? Their trust level is higher and if their trust level matches what we have to sell, those people will buy.

So we are using a little psychology to pull all of this together and make this thing happen.

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