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Essential Content Marketing Tips

First of all, people have got to share what you put on there. Don’t put junk on your website. Make it stuff people want to share. Ask your friends what people want to share. Ask people in the niche what people want to share. To find out what people want to share, type in “how to karate chop through a brick,” those are the kinds of things people want to share.

How do we know? Because Google likes to feature things that other people share. What does that mean? These 10 results are probably things that people want to share. Read them. Same thing with scrapbooking, how to create a scrapbook. If you will look at Google searches, Google will tell you what people are looking for, because what they are featuring is what people are looking for.

It’s like an infinite loop.

Google features what people are looking for, so if you look at what Google features, you’ll know that what Google features are what people are looking for. I know that’s circular, but that’s the way that it is. If you’ll put stuff on your website that people are looking for, Google will tell people because that’s what people are looking for.

I want to give you an idea that you can use. Maybe you’re getting 3 e-mails a day asking you questions. What if you were to respond to their question in Facebook? What if you were to respond to their question on your website, and then give them the link, instead of responding in your e-mail, hit reply to your e-mail but have a link to the content that you wrote answering their question on your website. At the end of the email you say, hey, I wrote an article to answer your question, I hope this answers your question. By the way, if this was helpful, will you like it on Facebook? What’s going to happen? People are either going to like it, or they’re not. Same person comes back to ask you another question, and they haven’t liked your content, what do you do? Well, you could answer their question, or you could write them back and say hey, I’d love to answer this, but I would sure like to know if you liked what I helped you with initially.

Some people are leeches and they send you an e-mail every single day to ask you another question, and they really don’t care what the answer is, they’re just bored, and they just want to send an e-mail just asking a question. Off topic here, but this will just cut that right out.

What will happen is, you’ll have people sharing you on Facebook. What do you do? You reward them by continuing to create content for those people. And what you’re doing is you’re finding the social shares in your niche, and the people that are social sharers on your niche will help you grow big.

Third thing I want to share is: you’ve got to dominate in your space. I don’t use that word dominate much, and I’ll tell you why. I did a split test one time, I created this training, and it was called “Dominate Your Niche”, and hardly anybody bought it. I thought, that’s just really strange. I changed the name to something really lousy and lame, and I can’t remember what it was, it was like “Social Sharing” or something like that. Sales when up like 10 times. I think people just didn’t want to go with that word “Dominate”. I don’t know if I just had a bunch of really weak people on the list at that time. Maybe they were just like, “I don’t want to dominate anything. I’m not a leader, and I don’t want to dominate.” I have no idea. The word “dominate” killed my sales. I pulled it out.

I’m going to use it today because I don’t know a better word to use.

If you want a really big website, you’re going to have to dominate. If you open up a pizza joint, you want to sell 1k pies each weekend. You’re going to have to sell more pies that the guy down the street. I don’t care if you use the word dominate, or social share, or what, but you’ve got to social share those pies until you’re selling more pizzas than him, if you want to sell more pizza than anybody else in town.

And, if you can’t call that dominate, I don’t know, find another word.


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