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Essential Pieces to Your Email Campaign

How do we do this? Here is the blueprint of how it’s going to happen, the biggest simple piece is that we must have an email campaign that does three things:

  • Creates credibility
  • Builds value
  • Builds trust

We’ve talked about this since Chapter 1, so you know this stuff, but it’s important to really understand it so it’’s always part of your campaigns.

Those three go hand in hand but I believe they’re unique items. We’re going to build credibility by showing people in our campaign that we are credible to learn from. Remember the argument earlier was we’re afraid to sell a $1,000 package right off of the bat because they need to “taste” us first. They need to see what a $37 product item is.

Credibility Review and Examples

Instead, we’re just going to give it to them for free so that they can kind of “taste” us. Then we’re also going to give them more over time.

The product we give them is going to be our first accountability measure. That’s our first type of credibility, and then any credibility pieces that you might have. Some examples:

  • If you’ve been interviewed by someone famous
  • If you’re a niche writer in your niche
  • If you’ve written a book
  • If you’ve written a blog that’s respectable
  • If you’ve created a product

If you’ve created all of these things, great, you can create big credibility right away. If you haven’t created any of them, now is the time to pick one. You might want to invest in some training that covers how to do it (if you don’t know how). Then build another one, and keep going that way until you can show how high your credibility level is.

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