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Finding Paid Solo Ad Lists by Checking Adwords Listings

The second place that you can go is the pay-per-click ads.  In your search engine, the top, or the side the search page, you may find some advertisements that you can click through.  Click through them all.  Some of those are going to be squeeze pages.

What do we know about those advertisements?  These people are serious about building their lists.  Why?  They’re paying $1 per click or $5 per click or $2 a subscriber or whatever the case is; they’re paying good money to build their list right now.

That tells us two things:

  • #1, they’re aggressive about building their list.
  • #2, and this is really good for you, what we usually know about people who that are paying money to build a list is that they’re not fully monetizing those leads right away.

If it takes someone 45 days to break even on their leads, but they’re paying a search engine provider $100 / day for those leads, there’s a cash flow disconnect.  If you go to that individual, you can make an offer that you will pay $2 / subscriber they bring to you.  All they have to do is: as soon as somebody joins the list, send them your squeeze page, or even have your squeeze page on their immediate download page, and you’ll pay them $2 / subscriber.

Let me show you want that looks like:

Let’s say that Johnny is advertising over on one of the search engines.  Johnny is paying $1 per click, and he’s getting a 33% conversion rate.  So 1 out of 3 people becomes a subscriber.  1 out of 3 people becomes a subscriber and he’s paying $1 per click, he’s paying $3 / subscriber.  He’s probably not monetizing that right away.

Of course, there’s one way for you to find out: you go ahead and sign up for the list. Is there a good one-time offer there?

Is there an up-sell?  When you get on his list is there an aggressive offer to get you to invest in something in the first day or two?

Maybe you look at the offer and you think, “I don’t know how he’s breaking even on this.”  It’s costing him $300 for 100 subscribers, I don’t see how he’s making $300 here.  We probably know that this individual will allow you to immediately mail his list, put it into his email campaign, or even put your opt-in box on his download page.  If he’s paying $3 / subscriber.

If perhaps 50% of those subscribers were to become your subscribers as well, and you were to pay him $2 apiece, he’s going to immediately get a return of $1 per subscriber on his leads.  He’s getting $2 for the ones that you buy, and you’re only buying half of them, because only half of them opt-in to you.  His lead cost goes from $3 to $2 immediately because you’re doing this.  Some people like to monetize their leads right away; they may have 3 offers just like that… and you’re one of those offers.

This is a unique situation with people that are buying leads, and we know that they’re buying leads, so that’s a tactic you can try if you see an ad campaign that seems successful.

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