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First Steps for Your Internet Business

How do you get started with your new Internet business?

  • Record 30 minutes every day (product creation)
  • Write a daily email (15 minutes or so)
  • Write 3 articles (as you practice you will get faster – 45 minutes or so)
  • Work on your sales letter and launch emails (1-2 hours)

Can you imagine what things will look like this time next year if you follow this simple plan?

Now, it might be tough at first. It might even hurt to do these things initially because you have to make yourself work. It’s not always easy to create new habits!

For example, you begin a new exercise program at the gym. It might be simple, it may only have 6 exercises. But, when you go do the exercises, as you’re supposed to do them. And you do them for 45 minutes, when you get done, you’re in pain. Hopefully not bad pain, you’re just tired, and a little sore. You worked hard, it’s not easy. Then, tomorrow, when you go back to the gym, it’s even harder.

It’s a simple workout. 6 exercises. But, it’s hard to do.

What I’ve just given you will have some elements that are hard. I can’t tell you what they’ll be. For some of you the hardest part will be recording. For some of you, the hardest part will be that outline. For some of you, the hardest part will be putting a price on it. For some of you the hardest part will be simply taking my word that you can sell your coaching program before you create the lessons.

For each of you, there’s going to be a different thing that’s hardest. Here’s the thing, I’m going to look you in the eyes over this phone right now, as I speak into the phone, as I speak to you. If you’ll do everything I’m teaching you now. And, especially follow the daily instructions I’m going to be giving you in those 7 modules. You will complete all of this. Now, some of you, if you put 8 or 10 hours a day into it. You might complete everything in 2 weeks. Some of you, that can only put 2 or 3 hours a day, maybe it’ll take 8 weeks instead of 7. Maybe it will take 9 weeks instead of 7.

Maybe if you type a little slower, maybe it’s going to take you an extra week. Maybe if you’re a really confident person, and you can whip out 2 or 3 hours worth of recording in one sitting, instead of 1 a day like I’m going teach you. Then, perhaps, you’re going to get done faster and it only takes 4 weeks instead of 7. But, I can tell you this, the instructions I’m giving you today, the instructions that are on the download page that you’ve already received. The instructions that are going to be on the weekly modules, the daily instructions. They’re complete. If you do everything I’m giving you to do, you are going to, in approximately 7 weeks, 5 for some of you, 9 for some of you maybe. When you complete all of those assignments, you’re going to have a bona fide business. You’re going to have a list, you’re going to have a squeeze page, you’re going to have traffic, you’re going to have articles, you’re going to have products, you’re going to have a coaching program. It’s all going to be automated, and you’re going to be able to start building bigger and bigger.

That’s what you’re going to have, if you simply… do… the… work.

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