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Getting Your Subscriber to Communicate With You

The first thing you do with your email campaign is to send out content and credibility emails. Once someone has read all of these emails, and they get to day 7 or 10, or it could be day 14, send them an email that gets them to communicate with you (if they haven’t already). If you already have people who are contacting you and asking about coaching, you could just take them off of your list and get them on the phone. I will explain how to do this in just a moment.

For those who have not come to the point to where they’re emailing you and asking about coaching, send them an email that gets them to respond to you. All you’re trying to do right now is get a conversation going, regardless of what it is at this point.

My favorite email for this is: “I need your help;” then you tell them that you’re creating new coaching and you need their input. Truth is, you’re always creating a new coaching because everybody’s needs are very different and unique. You’re always in the process of releasing new coaching because there are so many different needs and variations of needs and every market. Every single person need something unique and original.

Here’s the format:

Subject: I need your help

Body: I am in the process of creating new coaching for you and I want to make sure that it fits. I have a couple questions for you.

1. What is your goal for the next 3 to 6 months?

2. What is your biggest challenge in achieving this goal?

This is my favorite and works really well.

A niche example:

Subject: Quick question

Body: Quick question, what is your goal for the next 3-6 months in martial arts?


Body: what do you struggle with most in martial arts?


Body: Are you more interested in studio martial arts or defense martial arts?

You can have any question, just make sure it’s a question to get people to respond. You’re not begging them to respond, you’re just asking a question. All of the people that don’t respond are not ready for me are you yet. The people that do respond to this question, they’re going to be ready for something.

If you don’t ask the challenge and goal question the same time, be sure that you ask whomever responds the question they did not answer. For example, if you asked them what their greatest challenge was and they responded, then ask them what their goals are for the next 3 to 6 months.

If you asked the goal question and they responded to you telling you that they wanted to achieve a purple belt, you respond by asking them, “What is the greatest challenge that you’re experiencing in achieving this purple belt in the next six months?”

After they tell you what their challenges are, write them back and asked them a few deep questions about their challenges. Asked them to tell you more about their challenge. This will be different for every challenge. By asking these questions, you can tell how badly they need to work with you.

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