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High Ticket Trainings are About Results

What do we put into a $2k complete training program?  What you can put into it is the training element of your higher ticket package.  Sometimes I’m asked, well, how do we price, what goes into the high ticket package like that?  The truth of the matter is that at these price levels, it’s not about the content that goes in, it’s about the results that someone is going to get.  You see, if somebody invests $100, they’ll be happy just to learn something.   But at $2k, they want results.  And frankly it doesn’t make any difference if there’s 3 hours of training or 3k hours of training.  If someone doesn’t get results, it wasn’t worth $2k.

If they do get results, it could be an hour’s worth of training, and it’s worth $2k.  It’s about the results.  Again, at higher prices, it’s all about the results.

Start by determining the results that your client will want to get.  In your niche you ought to have a feel for what kind of results that someone wants to get.  You can ask yourself, what kind of results would you want to get in your niche if you were a client for $2k?  What kind of results would you want to get?

List those results out.  Once you’ve listed those results out, you simply go to the drawing table and you say, okay, what content do I need to create so someone can get these results?  Maybe you need to create 10 hours of training, with a print homework assignment for each hour, so that if they finish the homework assignment, they’ll get the results.

That’s the biggest drawback with training programs as opposed to a coaching program is that most people listen and never DO anything.  Well, if you add a 1-page PDF homework assignment, that gives someone direct instructions, and if they don’t do those instructions, then it’s on them.  If they do the instructions, they’ll get the results. If you create your package like that, you can literally create a $2k package that only has 8, 10, 12 hours’ worth of training in it, but it’s designed to get results.

Then what do we do? We have an ultimate package, $10k ultimate package.  We have a $2k complete training program.

Next we want a midrange home study course.  This could be $800, $1k, $1.2k.  What’s the purpose in this?  The purpose in this program is to have a program that teaches almost as much as the $2k program, but it’s priced less, so if someone can’t afford the bigger package, they can take the $1k package.  And maybe with this you’re aggressive about payments, so it’s $1k with 10 payments of $100.  You make it something that instead of marketing a $100 package, and trying to sell a new $100 package every single month to the same person.  Sell a $1k package with 10 monthly payments of $100 cost that client the same price every month, but they don’t have to make a new decision every month.  The decision is made for them.  They’re on a payment plan of 10 payments of $100.

What we also want is some level of coaching.  This can range anywhere from $100 to $500 a month for coaching or mastermind access.

The coaching program could be for monthly access.  A couple hours every month in a small group environment, plus a couple hours’ worth of training.

What should the training be?  It should be oriented to get someone results, so you ask the question, what kind of results would someone want to get in my monthly coaching program?

You want then to get:

  • X result 1st month
  • Y result the 2nd month
  • Z result the 3rd month
  • And so forth

You simply create a training that tells them what to do and how to do it to get that result that month.  That’s it!  Just create a training for each month, and it may be 3 trainings per month, whatever it is, but create training each month that if someone does the work, they’ll get the result that they need for that month.

The big difference between a coaching program, and complete training program is the complete training program is a slam dunk.  They get everything right away, and it’s their responsibility to go through the material and complete everything.

With a monthly coaching program, instead, you’re going to meter it out to them.  You say “this is going to be your month 1 result, your month 2 result, your month 3 result.”  And it usually works really well for people because when there’s a brain dump, a lot of times people listen to the 1st hour of training, go oh wow, that’s good material.  Never implement it, and because they don’t implement it they don’t go to the next item.

With monthly coaching, they’re involved with a group coaching call. You hear them on the call and you ask them: “John, Mary, have you completed the training for this month?  Oh, you haven’t?  Why not? Oh, you’ve been busy.  You know John, it’s important that you complete the training if you’re going to get the results that you want.”  John feels bad, John goes and does the training, John gets the results that he wants.  He stays in the training.  He stays in the coaching program.

That’s the biggest difference between coaching and a downloadable training program.

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