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How Much Information Should Your Lead Magnet Include?

Sometimes people ask me “How much information should I give away in a free download?”

My response is, as much as you want to. You don’t need to hold anything back in the free download.

Here’s the thing, if you only know 45 minutes’ worth of information in your niche, you probably haven’t earned the right to teach people at a higher level, or to have a coaching program. If you have a 20-hour training program that goes into great depth, you’re still limited by only sharing 45 minutes of all of that information in your free download.

So you really don’t have to worry about giving people too much information.

You can either do 1 of 2 things.

Let’s say that you have a 7-step process. You could fully teach one of those steps, and then tell people they need to buy your training program for the other 6 steps.


You could do an introductory level explanation of each one of the 7 steps. Then you could say “Hey, if you want more detail on how to do all of these steps, well, then you could buy the training program, or you could enroll in the coaching program, or you could read my emails over the next 7 to 10 days because I’m going to be teaching you more about this.”

That’s going to bridge the gap between the pain and the solution. But the download doesn’t completely bridge the gap between the pain and fully solving their problem. The free download up front simply bridges the gap between the pain and the concept that you have the solution.

You’ve told them what it is. But unfortunately, in a 10-page, or 25-page, download, you can’t physically deliver all the information that you know about this particular topic. If you know 20 hours’ worth of information on it, it’s simply not possible to cover it all!

You don’t have to hold anything back. You just simply can’t deliver everything that you know.

For example, with what I’m teaching you in this section, I can teach you without holding anything back. Yet what I’m sharing with you right now is maybe 1/10th or 1/100th of a percent of everything that I know on this particular topic.

I’m using this to illustrate the idea that I don’t have to hold anything back from you on talking about this one particular topic. But in giving you I know on this one particular topic, there’s still 99.99% more information that I can teach you about other topics…
…about related topics. About sales letters, and emails, and downloads, etc. All we’re focusing on is this particular pain and leading you to that solution for this particular pain.

You can do exactly the same thing in your free download.

How about the marketing emails?

You do exactly the same thing.

What if your email is coming across at the basic, generic, beginner level that all of your competitors are coming across at? But you’re wanting to compete with your competitor.

So what does that mean? Well, I have to be a little better than my competitor. Right?

When you’re writing that email, you’re thinking “What’s my competitor doing?” Well they’re writing a little generic article, the 3 steps to doing something really basic. You think, “Okay, well,

I’ll compete, I’ll have the 4 steps. Or I’ll compete, I’ll go a little bit deeper.”

What if you were to do what I do in my email campaign. I don’t compete with my competitor at all! I have no idea what many of my competitors are doing with an email campaign. I know what they’re doing over all. But specifically, I don’t take a single competitor and look at them, and go,

“I need to beat that person.” Instead, what I do is I teach revolutionarily the high level information in my entry level emails that I don’t believe anybody else is doing in the marketplace.

What this allows me to personally do, is set myself apart and say, “I understand, and I’m delivering this information to the entry level individual at a higher level than anybody else’s out there.”

You should be able to make the exact same statement about what you’re doing in your niche.

How do you find out what that is?

You ask those questions I gave you earlier.

You find out what those deep topics are, and you begin teaching on those deep topics in your introductory email campaign.

What this does is set you apart as being a genuine expert in your niche. That’s not to say that there aren’t people in your niche that know more about it than you do, and teach more about it than you do.

There’s people that know more about what I teach than I do. There’s people that teach some of what I teach at a deeper level than I do.

My belief is that there’s nobody else on earth teaching some of what I teach. And nobody else teaches some of what I teach at a level near where I’m at.

That’s for some areas.

For much of what I teach, there are other people other out there that are teaching the same material. If you get into a high level program, they may be teaching in greater depth than I am.

However, when somebody new comes into my campaign, they’re only comparing me against everything else that they know at that entry level. They’re probably not comparing me with the highest level program out there.

What if somebody comes to me after being enrolled in the highest level program out there?

That person comes into my campaign and begins to see the difference at the free level vs. what they’re paying for in their program. I’m not making an effort to do that. But because I’m allowing myself to teach some of my best material at the entry level, it allows people to see me at my very, very best. Whereas many of your competitors, and maybe even you yourself, are trying to reach people in your entry level campaign with the same entry level concepts that everybody else is teaching, the same level that’s all over the article directories. The same level that’s all over the basic blogs and forums in your niche.

If you want to be perceived as an expert, if you want to genuinely be the provider of excellent solutions in your niche, you’ve got to go to a higher level. What better way to go to a higher level? Simply go to the highest level possible.

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