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How to Add a Coaching Program to Your Funnel

You’re probably familiar with a pretty basic funnel formula: a 1 – 2 hour initial entry product, then a more elaborate online course (generally 6-10 hours or so). Or half of that, or part 1 for $497, with some payment options – there are different ways you could mix it up but that’s the general idea.

Another thing that you can add onto your complete funnel, very, very quickly is a coaching program. I teach this in other places, so we’re not going to go into great detail on this here. But you can create a coaching program in essentially any niche and it can really increase the value of your customers.

You don’t have to do a coaching program if that’s overwhelming to you, but I promise it works well bolted onto essentially any information business.

Adding in a Coaching Program is Easy

If you want to add on a coaching program it’s relatively easy to do. In fact it’s very easy to do. You don’t even really need a sales page for a coaching program if you’re making sales. Here’s why: a percentage of people who buy from you are naturally looking for coaching from you.

You can go anywhere from creating a complete sales letter to sell the coaching, all the way down to literally just sending an e-mail out to your list asking people if they’re interested in doing some coaching with you. When they write you back, you ask them what they need help with, you tell them what you’re able to help them with, you talk about. So in these e-mails going back and forth you simply talk about the value that somebody will be able to get out of it. They’ll ask you questions, you’ll share the price of your coaching with them. And, they’ll either sign up, or they won’t. It can be as simple as that. Or, it can be as complex as writing a sales letter for the coaching program.

How to Create Your Coaching Program (after you’ve signed up clients)

Let’s talk about somebody coming into your coaching program. You’re going to write your lessons based on your first client’s needs:

    • Lesson 1 is something that this person needs.
    • Lesson 2 is something that this person needs.
    • Lesson 3 is something that this person needs.

As you create those lessons you’re going to put them into an auto-responder so that anybody in the future gets a similar coaching to what person #1 received. You will not have to create fresh lessons, you’ll simply put them into the same auto-responder sequence that you took the first client through.

Now, if person #2 comes along, and has a different set of needs, there are two things that you can do. #1, you could create a 2nd set of lessons for that person, then in the future you’ve got 2 options for people with 2 types of needs that people can fit into.

OR! What I recommend is taking the 1st set of lessons and having your 2nd client go through the 1st set of lessons. If you’re selling products that are similarly niched, your coaching should be similar. And then go in and add to each lesson what’s necessary for client #2.

When client #3 comes in, go in and add to the lessons what’s necessary for client #3.

Once you’ve got through 5 – 10 clients, you’ll have everything that almost anybody needs. If somebody needs something that’s not in these lessons after you’ve adjusted them for 10 clients you’re probably looking at somebody that needs something different than you’re really teaching, so you don’t take them on as a client. You let them know, “look, I can’t help you. I don’t teach on that particular topic.” Or you could make the decision to create a new coaching program in that subtopic. Or, continue to add information to the first program if you really think it fits.

It’s Easy to Sell Coaching Before You Create It!

This makes it very, very easy to sell coaching, you can literally sell it before you create it. In fact, it’s impossible to create the first round of coaching lessons before people purchase anyhow. Because even after someone purchases and you create lessons that work, you’re still going to need to make adjustments. You’ll make adjustment until you find out what all of the needs, specific needs, and questions are in your niche.

It’s different than creating a product, because with a coaching program, people have questions. That’s the whole basis of the coaching program. It’s the fact that they can ask questions. That’s the biggest difference between a coaching program and just the material.

A product is just the material. Coaching is the material, plus, the ability to ask questions. That’s also what makes it so easy to bolt onto your existing products!

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