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How to Build an Email Campaign that Gives You ROI

Why do we want to convert quickly within a short amount of time?  This might seem obvious, however, most campaigns out there take a significant amount of time before a significant amount of sales occur.  The biggest single reason for wanting to convert quickly (quickly being about a two week period of time) is to be able to pay for your traffic quickly and be able to reinvest into the future.

For an example, let’s say it costs you $2 per subscriber to get new subscribers on your list, and you generate about a $20 return per subscriber on your list.  That’s profitable right up front. Let’s say you invest $2000 in month one for 1000 subscribers which we know will turn into $10,000 in the long run.  That sounds nice, however let’s assume that normally that revenue comes in around a year’s time.  That means you’re going to generate less than $1000 per month from each one of those subscribers.  In Month One you invest $2,000 and you take in $1,000.  In Month 2, you invest $2,000 and you take in somewhere around $1,000 to $2,000.  By the end of the year, you’re beginning to show some profit.

More than likely you’re like most people in a small business – working on your own or with a small team of helpers.  If you’re going to be investing $2,000 to $3,000 per month, you’re going to want to see that coming back fairly quickly.

If we were to turn that around and say you’re going to use a small budget, like $200 per month in traffic, or try to do it for free through articles or whatever…  that really sounds cool, however, if we can generate a small number of subscribers, it normally takes about a year before the large revenue happens because you have to scale slowly.

Yes, it can happen in 1 month, 3 months, 9 months, however, if we look at the big picture for revenue, we see that money coming in over a longer period of time, we’re probably not going to make very much money starting out the first, second, third month.

That brings us to the conversion campaign where we can generate the revenue up front.  Let’s use another example:

We start out with the same $2,000 budget, 1,000 subscribers, or you can call it a $200 budget with 100 subscribers.  Let’s imagine that we can turn those 100 subscribers into buyers at a rate of $10 per subscriber.  If we invested $2,000 on day one on 1,000 subscribers, we could have a return on days 14-18 of $10,000.   What that allows us to do in a scenario like this is to reinvest our initial $2,000 or doubling the investment to $4,000 of traffic and still be able to take something out of the business.

The same thing happens if we start at a smaller level, we can say we’re investing $200 worth of traffic with 100 subscribers, if you turn 100 subscribers into a $1,000 sale.  In two weeks you can take $400 of that sale, reinvest in the business, take $600 out if we want to, invest $600 into additional training, take $400 out and turn that into two sales of $1000 the next 14 weeks.

These are hypothetical scenarios, possibilities of what may occur, obviously if you start out doing some kind of free marketing (articles) you generate 100 subscribers then maybe you’re able to generate some revenue without having to invest any dollars into the traffic side of things.

All of this is to simply give you an illustration of why we would want to convert earlier.

The next question might be, “What should we convert?”  What I’m going to share will revolutionize what you do in your marketing.  This has been tested for over four years now.   This has been taught at various levels of implementation.  The biggest simple reason as to why this hasn’t been fully implemented as the one “go to” strategy for the beginners is that most beginners and even most intermediate markers are not making much money.  If they were given what I’m about to share right away, almost without fail, they’re unable to implement it.  This is advanced stuff.  When you implement this the way that I show you, you’ll be able to duplicate this in your business.

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