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How to Build Credibility Naturally with Subscribers

Let’s discuss a few things we can do to portray credibility to our subscribers. We want to brand ourselves as an expert, a qualified person. Number one is an audio or video recording of yourself teaching something at a high level. It could be anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour. The shorter it is; the more people listen all the way through. Your audio or video could be testimonials from people that have gotten results from getting training from you.

These could also be proof of your expert status online. This can be an article that you have published in an online journal for your niche. This could be a respected online journal in your niche or you could use an article on an article directory that shares very in depth information. If you’re marketing a niche outside the Internet marketing niche look for a quality niche site to share your article through.

If you have published a book, or if you have recorded a CD program, you can expose people on your list to information without necessarily selling them. You don’t need all of these, you could have all of them but you don’t need them all, and you certainly don’t want to give out all of your resources in one day. You don’t want to bombard them. Remember, bite-size pieces.

Building Credibility Little by Little

As the email campaign unfolds we want to give it to them little by little. For example, day zero, they get the free e-book that they downloaded. This free e-book should be quality and show them that you’re an expert. This e-book should have a resource box that’s not the same as another article. It should really show that you have credibility and that you’re an expert. In the book, you could include some testimonials if you have them.

Here’s an example of dripping out credibility pieces:

Day One: you could send them a video or audio of yourself
Day Two: you could direct them to an article in a respected online journal or niche article directory
Day Three: you give them a video or audio testimonial from someone else who has worked with you and achieve results. More importantly, it should be someone who believes that you’re an expert and it comes out in their voice.
Day Four: A training article on your website that has rave reviews
Day Five: This might be the opportunity for them to see that you have published a CD program.

When you send them to an article on your website, make sure that it’s in line with what you’re teaching and what you’re about to launch. This will keep them highly focused. And it will do it without selling. You’re simply indoctrinating this person. They have listened to your video; they have read your e-book as well as any other material that you have sent to them. They may have read testimonials and a high-level teaching. Your high-level teaching could be an article demonstrating the value of what you teach.

Again, during this time, when you’re sending out your credibility emails, it’s not to sell your programs but to merely expose them to this information. If you don’t have this information, then just be sure to go back and include it when you do.

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