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How to Create 4 Products in 1 Month

Today I’m going to teach you how to create 4 products in a 1 month period of time. I know that probably sounds like a tall order to you. However, I can tell you this:

#1 I’ve done it before.

#2 Others have done it before.

#3 I have created step by step instructions on exactly how to do it, and I’m going to share those step by step instructions with you today.

In fact, this is a model for you – this is an example of what I do to create new, recorded products.

First, I create a 2 page outline, and it’s really only 1 page. It’s a front and a back. I used normal, schoolhouse lined paper. I wrote on about every other line, so it just gives you an idea of about how many lines.

My outlines take me about 5 minutes to write out. Yours is probably going to take longer than 5 minutes the first time, but when you’ve created a hundred or more outlines, like I probably have, you’ll get to the place where you can do that. It doesn’t hurt if your first outline takes 3 hours. That’s okay, the next one may only take 2, the next one 1, and you’ll get to where you’re creating these very quickly.

But I want to model to you, how I am literally teaching you out of knowledge that’s in my mind. You’re going to be teaching from knowledge that’s in your mind. Of course this means you need to know your niche. If you don’t know your niche, take your first month to get to know it. Check out every book from the library. Buy the top 10 or 20 in your niche from Amazon. Buy your competitor’s products. Then come back next month and follow this product creation model (you’ll be an expert by then!).

You’re going to take your outline and use it to teach – 5 minutes to create the outline, then 45-60 minutes or so to teach through it.

In the past I recommended starting with a 3-hour product for your initial entry product. You can still do that. But I’ve found today that lower-ticket products often do really well, and you can give a lot of value in one hour for a lower-ticket product. I think that’s less overwhelming for you, too.

A key secret, however, is that you can use the outline for multiple products. I do that. I think it’s best to show you in the form of my outline.

Without further ado, without further explanation, I’m going to give you the outline:

First line, at the top of the page I’ve got:

“4 products in 1 month.”

I’ve written an assumption:

“Know your market. Simple, not necessarily easy.”

“Create an outline of all your knowledge.”

Now, each one of these phrases I’m giving you is one line. I elaborate on each line in the actual product recording.

The next line says, “use this outline for multiple products.”

“$100 product – 3hrs recordings.”

“$500 product – 6 hours recordings.”

“$1000 product – 10+ hours recordings + access to you, possibly a few live calls.”

“$2000+ coaching program -… ”

“Outline method”

“Sell first then create lessons”

“(Best method, give examples from my business)”

“How to get all this done – must prioritize let everything else go.”

That is the front of the outline, and in fact, that is almost the entire product outline. I think that gives you a good idea of what to do to create your outline.

The back of my outline covers a few more topics I want to elaborate on in this particular topic, such as emailing your list to sell each new tier of product, how to drive traffic, etc. You get the idea.

You take this same outline and you use it to record – first record 45 minutes, 60 minutes. That’s your overview, low-ticket product. Then go back and use your outline to record training in more detail on the subtopics on your outline and put together packages. Do a new set of recordings each week and you’ll build up to 3 products and then you can add coaching on for the 4th tier and final level of your funnel.

This month is going to pass anyways – go write your outline now, take action, and start recording!

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