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How to Exponentially Increase Conversion Rates

I’m going to teach you my system for optimizing an email campaign for sales.

Normally when we talk about optimizing for sales, we talk about optimizing a sales page. We talk about this idea that we’re going to start with a sales page that converts at 3% and we’re going to optimize. We’re going to split test the headline. We’re going to split test the offer. We’re going to split test the pricing. We’re going to split test these various different pieces. We’re going to get the conversion rate on that sales page to go up. That’s an effective way to increase conversion rates.

I want to give you an alternate method. In fact, perhaps alternate is not the right words. Perhaps an additional method. Something that you can do in addition to optimizing the conversion rate on the page.

What this will do is optimize the conversion rate of your entire email campaign.

Let me explain: I want you to imagine that you have 100 subscribers come in. Hopefully you’re generating 1k subscribers, or 5k subscribers, a month. Let’s just say we work with a subset of 100 people. 100 people come into your campaign.

Now, there’s a few different ways that we can look at your business. We can look at the conversion rate of your sales page. And, say that sales page conversion rate is 4%. And maybe 50 of your subscribers view the sales page at some point. And 4% buy, so you make 2 sales.

Now it’s easy for us to look at this and say “That’s a 4% conversion rate.” You’re right, it’s a 4% conversion rate for people who viewed the sales page.

But if you think about it, that’s really only a 2% conversion rate from subscribers.

In a theoretical world we could spend a lot of time increasing our conversion rate on our sales page from 4% to 8%. But if we’re still getting the same 50 people to that website, we’re simply going to double sales. Instead of 2 people buying we would have 4 people buying. Our conversion rate has gone from 4% to 8%.

Imagine if we were to do something else.

Imagine if instead of getting 50 views to our sales page from the same 100 subscribers, we could get 100 views to our sales page.

What if we could find a way to get twice as many of our subscribers to view the sales page?

What would happen then to our sales?

Now they would double, not based on improving the conversion rate on our sales page, but they would double based on the fact that twice as many people are viewing the page. Now we have 100 subscribers, 100 people view the sales page at 4%, so now we get 4 sales out of 100 without doing anything to the sales page.

Now obviously, if we increase the sales page conversion rate to 8%, and we get 100 people to view the sales page, what happens? Well, now we’re going to get 8 sales.

In both of these scenarios, we initially raised sales from 2% of subscribers to 4% of subscribers converting. But when we combined them we quadruple sales from 2% of subscribers to 8% of subscribers converting.

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