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How to Keep Your Subscriber Interested Until She’s Ready to Buy

What I have noticed over time is that if someone does not make the first purchase right away they generally don’t make a purchase for a while.

What I’m about to share is interesting, but I have never tracked the stats on this to prove this conclusively across the board. What I’m getting ready to give you is genuinely anecdotal. I have seen it so many times that I believe it. And along those lines, my advice to you is if you would like to know what the customer cycle in your business is to be in business for two years and then run your numbers then you’ll know what your cycle is.

I have done all the numbers for my own business for the buying over the first 90 days. What I have not done is the statistics for the long run. Again, this is anecdotal. I’m going to share with you some other interesting things and then I’m going to give all of this to you as background.

I want you to totally understand why we want to do a conversion campaign rather than doing a shotgun approach and sending three emails a week until somebody gets offer your list or buys.

After about six months I notice that the people who did not buy all of a sudden perk up and buy. Then if they don’t buy in the sixth or seventh month, then it’s really quiet and then this happens again at the one year term. I don’t know why this happens but I have asked people in the past what happened during these last six or seven months. These people are real quiet for six or seven months and then all of a sudden they decide they want to join the coaching program.

Since I’m the curious type, I just hit reply and I said, “It’s really good to see you in the coaching program, what made you decide to do this finally?” The answer that I get most of the time is, “Around the time that I met you I got involved in someone else’s coaching program, which was a six month program and I have not gotten results. In fact, I have loved your emails for six months so I decided that I would try your program.”

This is not word for word but, I received extremely similar answers when I ask this question. A lot of people who have been in my coaching program for one month tell me, “Oh man, I wish I’d found you six months ago because I wouldn’t have joined the other programs.”

I don’t want to talk about this a lot because I don’t ever want to bash or beat up any other marketers. Remember, when someone says that to you, they’re only coming in from your bad competition. You have plenty of good competition, but I never hear that from people from people who subscribe to the good competition because they stay in those programs. If they go to the good competitor, the person who really does a great job teaching, they never have a need for anybody else, even though they may like me. These are always people who have a bad experience.

If someone comes into your coaching after they have been in someone else’s coaching, then it’s most likely because they have not gotten results, or they have had a bad experience, or both. This is all coming from your low-quality competitors. So we find is that there’s this customer cycle of people who kept looking for the right solution.

You’ll be able to find that cycle in your own data when you go back and look at the numbers. For you it might be nine months or two years – it depends a bit on your niche. You want to keep sending good content to get these customers.

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