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How to Make Sure Your Website Attracts the Right People

I just want you to fully get the background of traffic. And whether you’re directing it by spending $1k to get 3k people to come to the website, or you’re going to do it with content and organic traffic, recognize that your traffic is going to come from different sources, and it’s going to come from different sources than any other website in the whole world. You’re going to be literally doing something that’s never been done before with your website with the traffic. There’s no “1-2-3 formula” that’s going to work.

Maybe you’re thinking “so many people tell me that they have these training programs that promise me 1-2-3 traffic.” Then, why are you here? Because 1-2-3 traffic didn’t work. 1-2-3 article traffic didn’t work. 1-2-3 video traffic didn’t work. 1-2-3 interview traffic didn’t work. 1-2-3 snowball traffic didn’t work. 1-2-3 blog traffic didn’t work. 1-2-3 video marketing didn’t work. 1-2-3 pay per click didn’t work. 1-2-3 social media didn’t work. 1-2-3 re-targeting, 1-2-3 forums, 1-2-3 communities, those systems don’t work because you’ve got to adapt them to you, and if you just followed the directions, it’s not going to adapt to you!

You see, my business is a very unique business, and it attracts people who have a unique set of qualities. For example, if we were to do a survey of some primary qualities of those who attend my trainings, we would find that 80% make about the same amount of money. 80% have about the same life background. We would find that about 80% struggle with the same things.

Now, there will be outliers in each one of these categories. Why is that? It’s because they have responded to my voice. That voice may be in print. That voice may be in video. That voice may be in audio. They have responded to something. But see, if you think about it, when I put out a call to action, I use my voice, and my voice attracts a certain type of person you for example. That doesn’t mean it’s a good person, or a bad person; we’re just talking about the characteristics that make you up. Your psycho-graphic profile is attracted in a certain way. You see, you learn from me, and then you learn from some other people, and you’ll find that if you get on different lists, you get on different coaching programs, the people around you will have a different quality. It doesn’t mean that they’re better or their worse, just that they’re different.

If you’re reading 5 people’s emails every day, the message that is sent out in those 5 different emails every single day is a little bit different. That message attracts different people. The website that you have is going to attract a certain kind of person.

They’re probably going to attract a person much like you. Or, they’re going to attract the kind of person who you attract. Have you ever noticed if you look around at your friends, the ones that have been with you for 10 years, they’re all alike, aren’t they? They all make a similar amount of money. They probably look a little bit alike. They tell the same kinds of jokes. Now, if you meet somebody fresh, you can’t really throw them in there, but the types of people you attract fit a similar pattern. If you look at it from a social perspective and you look at the people that you attract, you might say, “I don’t like the people that I attract.” Okay, great, you’re going to change something in the way that you talk or you act so that you’ll attract different people.

It’s the same thing on your website.

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