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How to Make Your Email Campaign Better Than Your Competition’s

What are you doing with emails?  You’re building up the psychology that you’re the expert, and not only are you the expert, but you do things differently than other people.  If you want to succeed, you should do things differently than other people!

A lot of people in the marketing niche want to choose the niche  that has the least amount of competition and they think they’re going to go out and become an expert in that niche.  Let’s just say it’s the list building niche. You’re going to just compete head to head with everyone that’s in the list building niche because you’re going to be teaching the same concepts.

But what if you were to turn it on its head and say, “Here’s the thing, the way other people teach list building doesn’t really work.  It’s the same thing that a lot of other people are doing, it’s old, etc.  The thing is, I do things differently and I get better results.  The only way you can learn things differently is to learn from me because I do things differently than them.  In my campaigns, that’s the truth, I am the only person on earth that does a campaign exactly the way that I’m doing it.  Once you learn what I’m teaching you and you do the same things I’m doing, I’m going to go back into my campaigns and tweak some things.  Why?  Because I am different, I do things differently.  This is why I get different results than other people.”
That’s what this email is doing, it’s building up the value of me being different.  If someone doesn’t like that fact that I’m different and they want to unsubscribe, that’s fine, it’s probably better for me that they do that because if they don’t like me, they should unsubscribe.  What I’m doing here is that I’m polarizing myself.  There’’s a lot of psychology behind this that I’m not going to go into very deeply, the whole idea is if you polarize yourself, you can get more loyal followers than if you’re just “ho hum.”

Let’s just say that someone is running for president of your country.  When people go out and try to get what everybody wants, and they change their mind every time an opinion poll comes out, does the elector generally respect that individual?  They might at first think, “Wow that’s just what we’re looking for.”  Once they realize after a year or two that the person is just swaying with the wind, the trust evaporates.

However, when you have a candidate that really polarizes themselves and says look, we have a real problem with the system and these are the things that we have to do to fix it and they take a big risk of alienating the whole world.  If the risk pays off and they don’t end up alienating the whole world and they get the contingency of even 5% of the population that really, really buys into whatever their concept is, what’s going to happen?  They can create a huge following.

If you’ll allow yourself to become polarized against your competition instead of trying to best your competition you’ll find that you’ll get real followers.  They invest, they follow, they buy, they want to be in all of your coaching programs, they want to take your live courses etc., etc.

You don’t just want to be the best in your business, you want to be different and polarize yourself against everybody else.  If you polarize yourself, you’re competing with a category of one, you’re the only person on earth that can teach exactly what you’re teaching.

So many people enter all of these niches and say, “I want to be the best!”  How hard is it to be the best when there’s a thousand people trying to be the best?  Don’t get me wrong, you can be the best, why not be different and be the only person in the world that’s different?  Have people follow you not because you’re like everyone else trying to be better.  Have people follow you because you’re different than them – you’re in a category of one.  You’re the very best at being different.

This will allow you to stop competing on price, it will allow you to stop competing on notoriety.  It allows you to stop competing on the degrees that everyone has out there.  It allows you to stop competing on how many products everyone else has.  It allows you to stop competing on being a better speaker than everyone else.

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