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How to Make Your Lead Magnet Get You More Sales

If you’re going to build an email list, then you’re also going to have to create a free product that is worth having. It has to be something that people want so badly that they won’t hesitate for even a moment to give you their email address. And if you use a double opt-in, and most people do, then you want your prospects to be glued to their inboxes, eagerly waiting for the confirmation email to arrive so that they can get it.

How many free products have stirred like that?

If you make that your goal, then you’ll have a much better chance at producing something that will get the attention of your prospects. And anything less than that will simply be ignored. You may get a lot of visitors, but that’’s all.

It will be like all those stores that you visit in the mall. Even before the greeter has a chance to say “Good morning. Welcome to . . .” you have said, ““I’m just looking.”

The essence of the free product is in the product funnel. As you know, your product funnel consists of products that collectively solve a big problem and whose parts solve smaller one. You may have dozens of products in your funnel or only a few. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is consistency. There has to be a central theme, a definitive problem that troubles your prospects and which your products uniquely solve. That’s not to say that you’re the only one whose products solve the problem. What it means is that you solve them in a way that is unique to you. It’s your personality, your presentation, and your teaching. You haven’t simply copied it from Guru 1, 2, or 3.

One of the problems that Internet marketers face is creating a free product that is inconsistent with their product funnels. The products in the funnel itself all “hang together”, but the free product is a sort of orphan. It may be valuable in and of itself, but it has little to do with the central theme of the product funnel itself.

And the problem with that is that prospects who visit your site do so with the understanding that your free product will lead them naturally from the content that they saw elsewhere online to that product and onto your list where they can get access to other similar products; ones that solve the problem that you originally addressed.

But what happens is that the free product is unrelated to the core of the product funnel. That confuses visitors, and they don’t sign up because they don’’t see the connection.

Make Sure Your Lead Magnet is Relevant

All of the products in your product funnel are related. This should be by design rather than by default. In fact, if it happened accidentally, then they probably aren’t as related to one another as you think they are. That’s because you need to fully understand the relationship that they have with one another.

You choose your niche, decide what products will serve it the best, and then create them. But you don’t create a bunch of products and then ask yourself who could use them. There a people who do that, but they don’t sell much.

So having a funnel with products that all contribute to the same whole is fundamental to having a business.

But you also have to make sure that the free product you offer is consistent with that funnel. There’s no sense in creating several products that solve one problem, and then trying to entice people onto your list by fixing a different one. If you do that, then you’’ll find that one of two things will happen: Either no one will join your list, because the free product is unrelated to the content that took them to your sign-up page, or the people that sign up on the strength of you free product will discover that none of the products you offer are relevant to your problem.

So the key question is how do you make a free product that’s relevant to your business.

There are probably several ways to do this, but here are a couple of suggestions.

The first is to take one of your products and simply give it away. Your free product ought to be worth real money in any case. What better way is there then to give away something that you had planned to sell?

A second way is to produce what amounts to a sample platter of what you offer. If you have seven products in your funnel, then you teach one level deep on all seven and then give it away as your free product.

Most restaurants have such an item on their menu. It has a bite or two of a few of the most popular items plus a couple that are new or perhaps less popular.

You could do the same thing. Create a product that draws on parts of a few of your key products. This will give your prospects a representative taster of what you can offer them.

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