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How to Narrow Down the Perfect Online Niche for You

Still confused about what niche you should pick for your online business? That’s OK. You can do some initial research on topics of interest and narrow it down. Here’s how:

Let’s say you have four main interests you’re considering – 4 choices. Run this test on all 4 choices. And then, choose the one that you like the results best.

Which one shows folks having the most difficulty?

Which market shows the most intensity for needing a solution?

Which one shows the most promise?

And, now, remember if we had done a survey, we’d just stop right there because you’ve added them to an e-mail list. You could personally write the 20 people that had a difficulty and gave you a book to tell you all about their problem. You write them back:

“Hey John, I was just reading your survey response from yesterday, and boy, you’ve really been through thick and thin trying to figure this thing out. Would it be okay with you if you and I jumped on the telephone and we could chat for a little while?”

Now, you know I don’t want to talk to anybody, that’s why I’m an online business. Well, this is going to give you the information you need. Would you rather do 3 months worth of online surveys, or talk to 10 human beings with a real problem? I’ll take 10 human beings over 3 months of surveys anytime. Unless I don’t want to take the time, and I just want to automate something, so I’m just going to pay for it.

Make those 10 phone calls, especially if you’re just starting out. Find 10 people to get on the phone with. And just ask them:

“Why are you struggling so hard? What are you trying to figure out?”

Take notes. All you’ve got to do is create the training that answers the problems that you just had on that ask page. And, they’ll sell like hotcakes. They’ll sell like hotcakes!

Now you’ve got the data and can get some quick traffic from Adwords or Facebook ads. Or you can get the traffic from articles. You send the traffic to a regular opt-in page. It’ll work, just continue to run the ask page, and then as soon as they opt-in, you give them an opportunity to buy your training program that, voila, has the exact same needs on it that prior people that answered the same ad on Google were likely to have, an the future ones are going to be likely to be the same way.

Do that in your potential niches and see which one gets the most response, or that seems promising and you feel most comfortable with. Then you choose a niche.

Just Get Started

I’ll share one more idea here, and that is, just get started. A lot of folks spend months and months thinking about what to do. But until the rubber meets the road, you’ll never know if it’s going to work.

You may remember when you were 14 years old and you thought you knew how to drive. You were just waiting until you were 15 or 16 and you could get into the car and try it out. And you had it all figured out in your mind. But the first time that you had to exit a highway, and traffic was doing 85mph was probably a little bit scary. The only way you got good at driving at 85mph was doing it a few times.

It’s the same thing here. You’ll never become proficient, online until you pull the trigger. Just pull the trigger, instead of thinking about having the perfect solution. I do that today folks. When I’ve got an idea for a new training, I don’t go out there and do a whole bunch of market tests, and try to figure out exactly what the perfect 3 products are that are going to sell.


I just create the training that I believe is going to work, and I put it out there, and I see what happens.

If it sells really well, then well great! I build on it.

If it doesn’t sell too well, I look at it and say, can I fix this?

And if it really does poorly, I just throw it out! I chalk it up to trial and error. I chalk it up to, well, there’s a failure.

Here’s the thing, if you’ll try something every month, for a year, and fail 9 times… you’ll still have 3 successes.

But, if you do nothing all year. Or, just try 1 thing. You’ll have 1 success, maybe, at the end of the year.

But if you’ll try, and allow yourself to fail, allow yourself to fail, you’ll have more successes.

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