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How to Promote Your Funnel

Then on top of that we have to lay on sales pages.  There are a number of different ways to do sales pages.  People can either can either learn how to write their own (there’s a number of marketers out there that teach that, I’ve even got a simple training for doing that) or, people can go get a ready-made software that writes it for them.  You just have to plug in specific topics.  It’s a generic sales letter, and you just plug in specific topics and it builds them up.

Marlon Sanders sells one at

Or, someone could say I don’t want to write a sales letter, I’ll do a video sales letter.  There’s training out there, again, different people teach how to do that.  People could do teleseminars or webinars to sell their products.  I find that teleseminars or webinars are just a little bit harder to totally funnelize in a 30-day period.  I mean if you’re advertising a teleseminar that people are going to come to on a particular day you get 29 other days to promote, etc.

You’ve got 29 other days to really do stuff, and I really believe you want something solid in there. I like sales pages.  You can layer on video for video sales letters and things like that.  I think that the primary selling methods for those 3 items need to not be live teleseminars and live webinars.  Although, you could layer that as an additional element.

The final stage is to say “Okay, we’ve created our 3 products.  What are our 3 products?  We have an entry-level product for $97.  We have an advanced, 10-hour product that’s $297.  And we have a coaching program that is live access once a week.  We have our 3 products, and we have a sales letter for each one.  We have a sales letter for our entry-level product.  We have a sales letter for our advanced product. We have a sales letter for our coaching program.

We can start with print, because it’s really easy to do.  We can add a video sales letter later if we want to test that.  We can do a live teleseminar on day 7 that sells these items, etc. People will have multiple ways to get exposed and get into the funnel.

Then the next layer is going to be our email campaign.  We’ll say somebody comes in on day 1 as a subscriber.  We want them to receive emails for the next 30 days; we want them to receive 1 to 2 emails a day for the next 30 days.

What are we going to write in these emails?  Here’s what I like to do.  I like to have people sit down in one sitting and write 45 short little articles.  45 short little articles about their topic.

What you could do is take all the things that you taught on you 10-hour training program.  Take each one of them and just write 300 words about each one. In my opinion that’s pretty easy to do.  You just sit down and you write some facts about each aspect (or step) of your training.

Next you create 45 emails, and in each email you’re going to put the 200 – 300 word article.

At the end of that article, you’re going to say, “by the way if you like this training, you might like my intro training.” Then link to the sales page.

Now, on a different article you could say “by the way, if you like this training, then you might really like my advanced training.” Then there’s a link to that sales letter.

These articles are packed with powerful information.  They’re unique to you because you wrote them.  They’re unique to your system because you teach from the heart.  People are looking forward to these articles every single day.  They’re wanting to get more information from you.  If someone is not wanting to read those articles, they don’t belong on your list anyway.  So it’s okay if they unsubscribe.  You really only want people on your list who really want to learn from you anyway.  So if someone doesn’t want to get 200 words of quality information and read it from you, they probably don’t want any more from you anyway.   So it’s okay if they unsubscribe.

So you’ve got these 45 emails that are going to go out over the course of 30 days, and they’re going to go to the three different sales pages.

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