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How to Use Powerful, Primal Language in Your Emails Campaign

You must use emotionally driven, primal language for your niche in your email campaigns.  Primal language means this: what is really driving people to want whatever it is that you sell?

So if you’re in any niche that helps them increase their income, for example if you teach people how to sell more insurance, if you teach people how to sell more homes, if you teach people how to be more confident, if you teach people how to speak from a stage, if you teach people how to make money online, if you teach coaching from a garage…  If you do anything that taps into the drive to make more money, what are you really going to tap into?  You’re going to tap into what that money really means.  People don’t try to do these things to make money for the sake of making more money, they want something else.  Why do people want more money?  They want freedom, they want to have a better lifestyle, and they want to be able to take care of their family better.

So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to dig into those desires.  

Let’s do two more examples, let’s say that you’re interacting with someone that wants to lose weight.  Why do people want to lose weight?  It’s not just so that the number on the scale goes down, it’s so that they look better in their clothes, so that they feel more confident when they go on a date, so that they feel more confident when they get on the stage and speak, so that they simply feel better about themselves, perhaps they want to reduce their risk for disease so that they live a longer life.  There’s all kinds of reasons why people want to lose weight.

It’s not just to reduce the number.  It’s always emotionally driven.  

Let’s come up with a third one, maybe you’re into the “empowerment niche,” helping people empower themselves to have more confidence, to motivate people to have more success.  What are we going to dig into here?  People don’t want to have more confidence just for the sake of being more confident.  They want to get more confidence so that they can get along with their husband or wife better.  They want to get more confidence so that they can meet someone from the opposite sex.  They want more confidence so that they can make more money.  They want more confidence so that they can travel the world.  They want more confidence for whatever primal reasons why they want more confidence in.

Whatever your niche is, you need to figure out what the three or four emotionally driven reasons are for wanting what they want.  Figure out what those emotionally driven reasons are and then write little mini emails that dig into that emotion.

I usually send about 2 emails per day – you saw this in the campaign sequence.  People normally ask me how I get away with that rather than sending just a couple of emails per week.  I must admit, I get a lot of unsubscribes.  However,

I’ve learned over the years that the buyers are the ones who read my 2 emails per day.

One of the reasons I do this is so that I get out a certain amount of information quickly so that they’ll buy quickly.  How do you build trust faster?  You send them more information.  How do you drive people away faster?  You send them more information.  I’m banking on the idea that I’m driving away the people that really don’t care.  The people that really like me are becoming loyal and they’re wanting to learn more from me.

I discovered this when I started: you could literally subscribe to 3 different email campaigns.  You could be getting 3 emails per day, one from each campaign.  This wasn’t intentional at all, I never realized that people would subscribe to all three email campaigns.  I figured people would subscribe to one email campaign and that would be enough.  What I found out is that people that received three to four emails per day bought more from me than someone that subscribed to one campaign.

Is this “scientifically” proven and accurate? No it’s a coincidence and correlation that I have found to be true for several years.  So I’ve rolled that concept into this and determined it’s okay to send three or four emails per day.  I typically send two emails one day then none the next, I personally think that’s better than sending one and one.  What does that do?  If they want more, they know they’re going to get more than one in one day.  If they want more, they’ll hopefully miss the second day where an email wasn’t sent and miss getting the information from me.  If they get one every single day, it builds this dependability that they’ll get one every single day.

But if we don’t send one every single day, then there’s this suspense – they wonder if and when they’ll receive the next email.  It’s almost the same psychology that happens when you just begin to date someone.  You probably don’t create as much suspense in the relationship as you would if you call them once then you don’t call them for days, maybe you call them twice because you need something.  There’s a natural level of suspense that occurs when we lack the reliability of getting a phone call or an email every single day.  I’m not recommending two or three emails a day, I’m simply explaining why I do it in my campaign.

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