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How to Use Your Market's Pain Points to Create Products

What are some things that we can do with this useful information?

We can use these problems and pain points in our emails. We can use those pain points in our sales letters. We can use those pain points to know what products to create. We even can use those pain points to determine what to put in our initial download!

Remember, if you’re starting out from absolute scratch, your initial download is probably not going to address all of those problems. But, once you discover what 20 to 30 of the real problems real people are experiencing in your niche are, you can create something better. Once you determine what those real problems are, you can rewrite your initial PDF so that it digs into those particular problems.

Instead of digging into the generic problem, you can now begin to dig into the specific problems that people are having and you can explain to them how your solution will solve those particular problems.

Remember, we started out at square zero, meaning you began this with a generic question and then you discovered what people’s hot points were. What their problems and challenges were.

You create your download page, you write your first few emails, and you create a product that answers those initial questions.

Let’s say that we get 1k subscribers flowing in, and we get 100 people to buy our initial product. It solves the initial challenges that people told you they have. The next question that comes up is:

“What do I want to create as my back end product?” – then: “What do I want to create as the next product that I launch?” and “What do I want to put into my coaching program?”

That’s when you begin to query the buyers.

So you had 1k subscribers, and you have 100 buyers. Now you query the buyers (after they’ve purchased the product – maybe 5 days later). They’ve had a chance to begin to digest it.

Hopefully they’ve discovered the answers to solve the problems that they shared when you asked for their biggest problem at the beginning of your email campaign. But, they may now find that they have more problems. Or they may have a deeper understanding of their current problems.

If a few days after they’ve made that initial purchase, you then ask them, “What are your challenges now? What are your challenges with this particular problem?” you may get very useful answers.

Ask them: “Now that you’ve studied the training, what are you struggling with now? What are your biggest challenges as it pertains to the problem?”

What you’ll find is that people will now begin to ask, or state deeper problems, or deeper challenges. They’ll say that they have a problem with something very specific. They have a problem implementing something that you shared, or something that you taught. The second round of questions will allow you to accurately target what the next product, or what the coaching program perhaps, needs to address.

In this process of digging deeper and deeper you will also be uncovering some things in the marketplace that people may be challenged with, but because nobody else in your market has done this exact research, perhaps no one else in your market realizes some of these deeper challenges.

You can literally cut off your competition at the pass if you will then go and create an entry level squeeze page, download, and intro product that solves these deeper problems. Your competition may not be dealing with these deeper issues at the entry level, at the traffic level, at the squeeze page level, at the free download level, or at the email level.

Therefore, if you’re able to come in and position yourself as the expert who solves these deeper problems, you will appear to be the only person in your marketplace that’s solving this problem.

That’s not to say that you don’t have 10 competitors that are teaching these things in their highest level coaching program, but the only way for people to begin to learn these things is to get to the highest level coaching program.

What you’re going to do is go out and begin teaching these deeper truths early on in the campaign, and what that will do is set you apart from your competition. Because when people are looking for these specific solutions, they will see you as the answer, not your competition.

This is true even though your competition may be teaching those things on the back end because, again, your training or classes are visible on the front end.

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