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Implementing Your Blueprint

Let’s talk about something that’s critical to the implementation of your blueprint. If you really use this blueprint process, if you write it out…

…in fact if you use the sample blueprint I gave you just as a sample, you’ll have a fully operational business 1 year from now almost without fail. In fact, if you’ll notice, within the first month you’ll have a product to sell, you’ll have a coaching program, if you do 30 minutes of daily content you’ll have 10 hours of content either on your website, or for sale. You’ll have 20 emails written, and you’ll have maybe 100 subscribers.

So I could argue that after 1 month of using the sample, explanatory blueprint that I gave you today, in one month you would have a fully operational business. Probably wouldn’t be making you much money if any. You might be still be paying more for hosting and tools than you have coming in. Just like if you build a sandwich shop, you have to buy a cash register, buy meat, bread. Pay some people to paint the place when you get started. The first month you probably lose money. That’s the same way in the internet business. You likely lose money in that first month.

But, you have a fully operational business in 30 days. It wouldn’t be making money (yet).

Certainly if you follow this process day in, day out for a year you’ll have a fully operational business. This is very similar to how I built my business the first year. In fact, it’s similar to how I plan my months, my years, my days right now today.

There’s one thing that conspicuously absent from this blueprint. I’ve put no time in there for reading emails. Because reading emails does not further your blueprint.

You may say, “well, I might have prospects asking me questions about making a potential purchase.”

My experience is, answering those emails alone takes no more than 10 minutes per day, per $10k in revenue. If you’re making $10k a month, answering prospective prospects questions takes 10 minutes.

Just add 10 minutes to your day for reading prospects emails. If you come to an email that is not from a prospect asking you a question that might lead to a sale you immediately delete the email. That means that if Jimmy James sends you an email saying “Buy my latest super-duper shiny brand new video that will teach you how to do something you don’t need to know how to do.” You immediately delete the email!

Here’s the problem: if you open the email, and read the email, you become sucked into the story of how wonderful this bright, new, shiny object is. If it’s a bright, brand new, shiny object that’s untested and unproven. You don’t need it in your business because millions of people have fully operational businesses without this bright, shiny object. Therefore, we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can create a full-time business without this bright, shiny object, or any other bright, shiny object that’s out there. You don’t even have to evaluate it.

You just delete the email.

The very first thing I do when I open my email box is delete all emails that I don’t want to read. All emails.

The easiest way I’ve discovered to do that is to check the little box at the top – the one that “checks all” the email in your inbox. Then I just go through and uncheck the 4 emails that I want to read. This way I’m not even tempted to read all the ones I don’t want to read.

Let’s say that my inbox shows me 50 emails: I hit the checkbox that automatically checks every email in my box. I go through and uncheck the 4 emails I do want to read, because they’re a prospect asking me a prospect buying question and

I can kind of tell by the subject line almost every single time. Then this takes me maybe 2 minutes. After this I have 4 emails left. I read through those emails. I deal with them. 10 minutes later I’m done.

You’ll notice that this blueprint doesn’t include anything else.

I’m not going to go through all the different things you could be doing… But anything that is cluttering up your day that’s not on your blueprint, just don’t do it!

It’s that simple. You just don’t do it.

It’s kind of like if you’re on a diet, and your diet requires you to eat meat and vegetables and fruit. If somebody brings a bag of potato chips into your house. What do you do? You don’t even consider it. You don’t consider that potato chip bag.

It doesn’t belong to you. It may be in the house, but it does not belong to you. Why? Because you’ve made a rule in your life that for the next 3 weeks you only eat meat, vegetables, and fruit. I’m not recommending that as a diet. This is not dietary advice. It’s just a concept.

Once you’ve made the decision that the blueprint for your eating habits for the next 21 days is meat, vegetables and fruit, anything that comes along that does not fit into the category of meat, vegetables or fruit, it just doesn’t exist for you!

So if somebody brought you a bag of potato chips, you wouldn’t even have to consider that. If somebody brought you a bag of concrete, you wouldn’t consider it, it’s not on your list. If somebody brought you a bag of tennis balls, you wouldn’t even consider eating those tennis balls. They’re not on your list.

It’s the same thing.

When you pull out your blueprint in the morning, if anything comes into your day: A YouTube video, an email, a knock on your door, you look at your blueprint, and you say “Is email on my list? No. Are YouTube videos on my list? No. Are annoying texts from my smartphone on my list? No.” None of those things occur during your working hours. The only things that occur during your working hours are whatever is on your blueprint.

That’s it.

I’ve given you how to create your blueprint. Obviously, you’re going to have to learn the steps to doing each part of your blueprint. Now I teach a lot of these steps, but there may be other products you have to buy to learn how to do it. Whether it’s from me or from somebody else. But you’ll have to learn how to create products. How to create a coaching program.

How to write 30 minutes of content. How to write an email. How to get subscribers. Each one of those steps, you’ll have to learn the process for that. That will be part of your blueprint (at least initially).

So maybe if you’re starting out in January, the first 2 weeks will be study. But once the study is over, the study is OVER.

You’re simply operating from your blueprint.

Alrighty folks, that concludes the blueprint training. At this point you are ready to create your blueprint that will serve as your guide every single day of the year to get to wherever it is that you want to go.

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