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JV Invite – Your Own 100 Product Product Funnel

Dear Partner,

If you have a list of im – niche prospects, you have the opportunity to capitalize on a great new package I’m putting together for my subscribers – but extending to yours!

As you may know, I’ve launched over 100 wsos with over $300k in revenue in the last few years:

I only say that to say, I know what converts, and what will do well – and I’ve put together a winner using highest-converting concepts –

Not only is the front end going to be a high-converter, the backend is engineered based on highest revenue converters in the past –

The bottom line is, I’m expecting this campaign to possibly top all sales records in the past – and possibly go well over $100k in revenue – and you can be a part!

Now, it’s going to be on a dime-sale principle, so the price goes up every sale – which means your prospects get the best deal if they get in early – so if you mail early, your prospects will get the very best price –

And, to reward you for promoting this at the very beginning – I am going to pay $200 each to 2 people based on first day sales: $200 to the person who makes the most sales the first day (no minimum, that’s right even if you have a small list, if you promote to it, you could win, many of the big hitters wait until they see ##s before they promote – AND I’ll put the $200 in your paypal account first thing tomorrow morning!) AND I’m going to pay $200 to the person with the highest conversion rate the first day (so if you do a targeted mailing to your list and don’t make a ton of sales, but your conversion rate is the highest, you’ll get $200 cash in your paypal account first thing tomorrow AM (minimum 3 sales to your list for this one)

And here’s the total promotion bonus pool:

$3,000 to the top seller (300 sales minimum)

$1500 to the 2nd place seller (150 sales minimum)

$500 to the 3rd place seller (50 sales min)

$500 to the 4th place seller (50 sales min)

$500 to the 5th place seller (50 sales min)

PLUS $1000 extra bonus to a random seller, if the launch does at least 1000 sales (which I full-well expect that it will)

PLUS – additional, random bonuses

So . . . even if you have a small list, go crazy promoting it, you can win $1000 or more – even if you don’t even hit the top 10!

Now, you may be asking, why the high bonus figures?

Simply put, I want this to be my biggest launch ever – and I believe that with your help, it can be!

You’ll also notice the 50% commission across the board –

Sean Mize, author of ==>Anyone Can Coach

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