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Key to WSO sales

I get asked a lot, what is your secret to wso sales?

And here it is in a nutshell: quality products X volume.

You see, if your products are great, then people want to buy each new one that comes out. And if they do that, each time you run a WSO you make more sales than the time before. PLUS, when affiliates can trust you to create something GREAT, then they don’t have to mull over whether or not to promote for you – they just DO.

And volume is key. If you do 50 or so like I did last year, and you do approximately more on each one, then it snowballs pretty fast.

Here are my stats for my last 3 wsos:

3 wsos

If you want to learn HOW I create them and write the sales letter, go here: How to create wsos and write sales letters fast

— Sean Mize

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