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Make Your Email Campaign Flow Like Your Favorite TV Show

I feel like I’m just adding a layer on top of what we’ve talked about throughout the book. We’re now adding in the personal element to this. When we complete a campaign, it has to flow from beginning to end. It has to flow.

Andre Chaperon taught this in his Autoresponder Mastery course:

Plan your campaign as if we’re watching a mini series on T.V. So, we’ve watched a 13 week mini-series. 30 minutes per week, or one that runs for an hour. That little mini-series is going to flow from one episode to the next. Even next year, if it’s a 10 year series, each week it’s going to flow. The characters are going to be the same, week to week, month to month, year to year, it is going to be the same. They may grow older, they may have kids, if they want to get rid of the character, what do they do? They kill them off or have them move somewhere. And the reason that they do that is that they want to create a flow. Andre taught me that we want to have the exact same flow in our email campaign. We want to have that same “person” in each email. It should link up to the last one. That email campaign should create a level of interactivity. I want you to duplicate this strategy into your own campaign so that it works.

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