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Make Your First Sale Online Intensive Intro Lesson

Congratulations! You have chosen an incredible training program that is
going to change the way you approach getting started, with easy methods
that WORK in the real world!

Before you start the lesson, be thinking about:

1) What would it mean for you to make your first sale in the next 3-4 weeks?

2) How would that feel, what would that change things for you?

How do you want to help people? You see, anything you sell is actually
something to HELP someone. How do you want to help others?

4) How
would it feel to scale to helping not just one person, but hundreds or
thousands, by the end of the year (and each sale represents one person

Each week I will teach you HOW to do that week’s step,
then give you a homework assignment to DO in order to get that first
sale (and in the last lesson, to get you on the path to making MANY

In order to achieve success with this, be sure to do
each homework assignment as soon as possible (so you have the most time
for the system to “work” to get you foundation you need to get the sales
you want.

Before the first call, listen to this lesson from my
60 day mastery lessons, to give you a sense of what you can accomplish
once you’ve made your first sale and begin to build your business out:

30,000 Foot Advanced Overview

Sean Mize, author of ==>Anyone Can Coach

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