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In today’s world we have what I call advanced level searchers online.  People know what they’re looking for, and they’re typing in exactly what they’re looking for because they know that the search engines will give them the best results if they type in exactly what they’re searching for.  So if someone types into the search engine “how to cleanse”, or “foods for cleansing” and then they come onto your free report that says “The 7 Foods for Cleansing” we can confidently make the assumption that this person is interested in the topic of cleansing.

There may be some crossover topics – but only if we have built out our initial funnel.  We should have an entry level, a median level, and a coaching program for our example cleansing topic.  We should be able to maximize revenue by sticking to that initial cleansing topic.

Once someone has purchased all 3 levels of cleansing products, then we may offer additional, competing, and complementary topics as time goes on.  This maximizes our revenue.

To summarize: we want to have an emotional consistency, and we want to have a topical consistency all the way through – from the beginning to the end of our campaign.  From the time that they join the list.  Every single piece that they see.  Every single link that they’re going to see on our cleansing website.  Every single link that they’re going to see in our email campaign.  Every product that is positioned to them.  The download.  The free item.  Everything that they receive is going to stay at the same level topically, and it’s going to be emotionally consistent.

Let’s talk about the content consistency, and touch on emotional consistency.  What we want to do from an emotional perspective is, we want to determine why people want to make this change in their lives.  No matter what it is that people are buying, if they’re buying information they are generally not buying it for the information’s sake.  They are buying it for the result that is going to happen when they use it.

Why is someone looking to cleanse?  Why is someone looking to learn more about whatever it is that you teach?  Why?

What is it that has drawn them to you in the first place?  What is their problem or their challenge?

Why is that such a problem for them?

Throughout your entire campaign…

  • Your landing page
  • Your free download
  • The 10 emails that they receive the first 10 to 20 days in our campaign
  • The 3 sales letters that they see the first 10 to 15 days in our campaign
  • Any offers that they see
  • Anything that they see on our website

…we want to touch on this idea that there is a problem, that they have a problem, that they’re here because of the challenge.  We want to highlight that challenge.  Then we want to show how taking the next step will help relieve that challenge.

As an example, somebody comes to your landing page.  The question on your landing page might be, “Are you frustrated, or sick of feeling slow and lethargic, physically?  If so, cleansing might be your answer.  And if you download my 7 steps to the foods that help you cleanse, then you’ll be able to get the solution to this.”

What we’re doing is we’re moving people one step closer to the alleviation of their pain.

Now we give them the 7 steps.  They read through the 7 steps.  And, at some point, we talk about their pain and their problem.  Then at the end of that 7 step report we might say “Now that I’ve given you 7 foods that will be able to help you, the very first step is for you to begin – go to the grocery store and purchase these 7 foods.  However, there are additional things that you can do that will really take you to the next level.  I’ve put all of that together in my online course that’s available here.”

If they take the next step, it’s going to help alleviate the pain.  That tells you what kind of copywriting to do on the sales page.  Ask questions that highlight the pain…  “Are you frustrated with all the problems that are associated with not being cleansed?  Do you have these symptoms?”  Etc.

Again, this is just an example from one tightly niched area.  You’re going to do exactly the same thing in your niche and on your sales page.

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