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Mining Email Lists for Opportunity

Now you’ve gotten on 50 people’s lists.  You’re going to get an email every day, or every other day, from these 50 people in this specialized email account.

What you’re going to do is: for the 1st 30 days you’re going to open every email that you get in that email account.

Please let me say this, if you’re opening 50 emails a day, you MUST become methodical about it and only spend 20 seconds on each email.  All you want to do is open the emails, maybe click some of the links in the emails.

Get a feel for what Julie is doing on her list.  Is she just spamming everybody all the time?  What kind of offers does Julie have?  Johnny over here, what kind of list does he have?  He’s always sending out only high-quality information.  You may even want to have a notebook and put Johnny’s name, and Julie’s name, and Becky’s name, and Tom’s name, and write down your feelings about the list.  Are they good emails?  Are they connecting?

Here’s the thing, if you mail to a list that you feel good about the emails, you’re probably going to get a really good response.  Which means that you can pay more for that solo ad.

But, if you don’t feel good about the email campaign, if you feel like that person is just sell, sell, sell and there’s no relationship building…  You probably don’t want to mail that person’s list at all.  Maybe you should even unsubscribe from that list so that it comes out of your collection of potential people to buy from.

In 30 days we’re going to go back to this list of 50 email lists to ask them if we can do a solo ad.  I’ll teach you how to do that in just a moment.

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