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More Must-Have Triggers for Your Email Campaigns

There are 7 triggers that build strong relationships and help you create trust in all relationships – including with your email subscribers. These are too crucial to leave out, and today we’re going to cover the final 5 triggers.

We covered the first of the 7 triggers for powerful email campaigns in 7 Powerful Triggers You Must Include in Your Email Copy and I covered the second trigger in my recent LinkedIn Pulse Article: A Proven System to Build Authority and Brand, so review those if you need to get up to speed.


Consistency is something that happens over time. It’s something that develops from email to email. So, if in one email you’re talking about a particular concept and you’re beating it up, and in the next email you’re hyping it up, and then beating it up, people are not going to trust you. Why? Because there’s no consistency in your views. Your subscribers might not even know why, but something just does not feel right when you’re not consistent.

Have you ever been on an email campaign where after a few emails, you thought, “I really like this person, they’re doing things a little different than other people out there.” People sometimes write the emails and tell me, “I like you, you’re different.”

I sometimes asked them, “How am I different?” Sometimes, they’re not really sure but it’s just a feeling that they get from my emails. Now, if I changed what I was doing in my emails then they might get confused and they would not buy at all. Then they would say that they did not like me, and they would not know why. All of this creates a “feeling.”

This happens all the time, when you meet somebody you may not like them, even though you’re not able to put your finger on it. The reverse is also true in many cases. Why do we not like some people? A majority the times it’s because they’re not consistent in their conversation.

The reason why am so consistent with my email is because when I do write an email I am writing from something inside of me. My core character will be the same every day and so will yours. This again is why it’s so important to have one voice that’s consistent across all of your pieces of material.

However, if when you’re sitting down to write an email and you decide to copy the tone and voice of a competitor’s email that you really like, then you’ll begin to become inconsistent. Your message will become conflicted because the real you is not coming through. Your competitors are essentially speaking through you.

Reason Why

A reason why is very important for your sales page but I try to do this within the first 10 days of my contact with a new subscriber as well. I tell people why I am different up front. How do I find out how I am different? I had a lot of people tell me that I was different in my email campaigns and they would sometimes tell me the reasons why I was different.

If you would like to find out how you’re different then you can send an email out asking what they like about your emails and you. There’s no problem with being bold like this. Once they begin to tell you what they like about you, then use this as a reason why in your email campaigns.

For example, I will tell them that I am different than other people that you have been studying because I will tell you the truth. If someone does not like me telling them the truth then it’s okay that they unsubscribe. This should be okay with you too. This is someone who is not interested and won’t be your customer.

When you use language telling them that you’re going to “tell it like it is,” and if your competitors are not being as upfront and truthful, then what does that do? That sets you apart. This creates contrast.

What are some of the things that can genuinely set you apart? Perhaps because you’re genuinely teaching your subscribers important information the first five days they’re on your list instead of begging them to buy a product. What else could set you apart?

Your language can set you apart. It’s amazing to me the foul language that people use in their email campaigns. It’s not everybody, but it’s amazing to me the language that these people use. If you don’t use this language, this is going to set you apart to. However, if no one is using foul language in your niche, don’t lower yourself and use this type of language. This again, will attract the wrong type of person.

The reason why people should listen to you may take you longer than a day or two to figure out. It could take you six months. Just leave this portion out until you figure it out. A great method to find out is to send an email to the first hundred people that buy your product.

In this email, thank them for buying your product and let them know if they have any questions for them to contact you. End the email with:

“By the way, what was the single biggest reason you to bought this product from me?”

The answer you get will be there reason why they like you.

They may say, “I trust you to teach me because of XYZ.” Gather enough of these answers and you have a strong case for a reason why.
Then, add this to your email campaign. Let me give you an example:

My clients tell me that I am XYZ. If you keep reading my emails, you’ll find that this is the case. I hope that you’re finding the same to be true. If there’s something that I am not teaching that you would like to learn about, just hit reply and I will answer you personally.

If you write this email as the 5th email in your campaign, what do you think is going to happen to the trust level? It’s going to increase with your subscribers. This is true whether they reply to you or not.

If you’re going to be consistent and build their trust, you have to respond. When you do respond, be sure to give them an answer rather than directing them to “page 37” of your course and giving them the link. Just answer their question. This will build trust, and they’ll buy from you in the future.

Not everyone is going to buy, but this would increase the chances dramatically of this person buying from you.


This is easy. You’re doing this in your squeeze page. You can and should do this in your email campaigns. Give them two or three different MP3 trainings or PDF trainings for them to consume. Especially when you give it to them the first 45 emails. You activate a lot reciprocity.


I have given many examples of contrast and how you weave that naturally with other triggers, so this one will be simple to add in with the other triggers.


Hope from a relationship perspective simply says, “I hope they stay the way they are”. “I hope I continue to learn from this person”. Hope is a result of putting all of these elements into your email campaign. There’s not one specific action that you can take to create hope other than making a promise.

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