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My 200k Formula

Let me share a pricing formula that has made me 200k and counting.  I’m using a low-ticket offer dime sale model that goes up slightly as more people buy.

I like to start at seven bucks, sometimes I’ll start at $6.80 and then it goes up a penny, so in half an hour it’s at seven bucks anyway.  But, I don’t like to go much lower than that.  I find that buyers are just as not as well qualified if they only buy it at three or four bucks.  I find that out by seeing what they buy in the long run.  What does the average person buy?

Moving on to the the upsell (because that’s where you make the real money).  I find that there are two price points for upsells that work really well.  One is double the price, that tends to work well.  If, it’s something that people really, really, really want.  Conversion rates are high, we make money.  But, if it’s not something that just knocks their socks off, then I find if I make the upsell price about two dollars more than the original price of whatever the front end was I’m able to maximize revenue that way.

So, if I have to convince people to buy just because it’s a great price, then it’s seven dollars front end, and nine dollars back end.

Okay, if I’ve got something phenomenal, and it will do well at seventeen or nineteen, that’s what I price it at.

Upsells much higher than that don’t do extremely well, for me.  Obviously, they might for you.  I’ve seen people do really well.  It really has to do with how compelling are you.  Because I do one like every week, maybe not quite once a week.  But because the model is doing one a week, or three a month or something.  I just don’t put as much time into just totally maximizing that upsell, because once you get on my list, you’re going to buy from me anyway.  I don’t HAVE to maximize that upsell funnel as much as somebody where it’s a one shot deal.

I used this model on the Warrior Forum with WSO’s, and I will tell you that the biggest thing that I have found that gets you WSO of the day is that it’s something that really converts really well, and Warrior Plus believes it’ll do well to their list.

Here’s the model folks, no matter where you’re doing it, come up with a low ticket item, tell everybody you know about it, tell them about it on your Facebook page, tell them about it at Google Plus, tell them about it in social media.  Tell everybody advertise it on the Warrior Forum, or JV Zoo, or wherever it is that you’re advertising.

Also, maybe thirty days before you get started, you don’t have to wait thirty days before you get started, but thirty days before you get started, write an article every day, and put a YouTube video up every day on YouTube.

Start gaining subscribers there, because new subscribers will buy, you want to get as many sales as you can the first week, get as many as you can the second week, and allow it to snowball.

Every week you’re building your list bigger, you send your announcement e-mail out, and then after a while you can just start telling people that have bought from you in the last ninety days, you can segment your list into ninety day buyers and just tell them about it, conversion rates are high.

That’s the $200k formula in a nutshell.

For many of you, you may be at the place where you say, I hope you’re at the place where you say, this is really  motivating me, I want to go out there and do it.  Sean has great ideas, if Sean did it, I can do it.  And all those thoughts are going through your mind right now, man I just want to encourage you, if you do it right, you can do it.  I mean, there’s no, I’m not special.  I’m not special, I mean obviously God has given me the ability to write, and to speak and that kind of thing, but the truth of the matter is, he’s probably given you some measure of that as well, go out there and DO IT!  Start practicing.  my, the very first thing I ever created, didn’t sell very well.  My first WSO did not, quite very frankly, did not sell very well out of the box.

There’s a starting point that just has to happen, you’ve got to start, because if you don’t start, you’ll never figure it out.

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