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My Personal Upsell Formula

So, the formula that I use for the upsell. I want to give this to you. Because, I’ll tell you, there’s a lot of upsell formulas out there, some of them work better than mine.

First: Why I Don’t Do Video Upsells

If you’re doing the whole video thing, that I don’t do. And you say, well, why don’t you? Here’s the thing. If you’re launching once a month, or once every two months, you’ve got a long lead time between each product, you can make fifteen videos for promotion, and you can hire people to do this, and to do that, my lead time is usually less than forty-eight hours.

I mean, I get an idea, and I say, do I want to launch this today or tomorrow? I want to launch it today, okay, great. Go record for an hour, write the sales letter, launch it… in three hours it’s up.

I just don’t care to make a bunch of videos. I just don’t care to do all that, what I find is that my upsells generally, will more than double, or close to double, the value on the front end anyway, and I’m making fifty-percent commission on the back end, I’m happy with it. I’m happy with it. in fact there’s a part of me that says, I’d almost you be able to skim it in fifteen seconds and know what it is and to see a whole bunch of bullet points that to be held hostage to have to watch some eight minute video to learn what the upsell is. I mean, that’s just my personal opinion.

Well, your personal opinion might be, well I might convert more with video, great! Do video! Your personal opinion might be, I LOVE watching eight minute videos. Great! I DON’T! I don’t, I watch very little video. Video bores me.

I’d much rather read the sales letter. I very rarely watch a video sales letter. I buy, almost always from print. Now, you say, that’s not the way the world is going. Well, that’s okay, it’s my way, it’s my business. Now, do I say that to be arrogant, no, I say that because I hope that you’ll grasp the idea that it’s your business, you don’t have to do it the way that I do it, you don’t have to do it the way that anybody else does it, do it YOUR way! Why? It’s YOUR business. Do it any way that you want to. You don’t have to do it the way that everybody else does it. Right!? Do it the way that you think is right.

Okay, now having said that. If you do it the way that you think is right, and nobody every buys. I mean, you probably need to change. So, there’s got to be a balance. I think it was Picaso that said it, that you have to learn all the rules, so you can go out and break all the rules.

The truth of the matter is, if you’re a painter, and you don’t know any of the rules, you can’t BREAK any of the rules. And you’re just going to paint, and it might hit, or it might not. If you know all the rules, you know exactly how to break the rules, well, then you can be an amazing painter. Well, it’s the same way in the internet business. You don’t have to do things the way all the rules are, but, you really probably should learn all the rules. Because then you’ll know what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong, and then you’ll know whether or not you want to break those rules, or not break those rules.

The Formula

Okay, so, what I want to do now is kind of talk about what that upsell formula is for me. And, I’ll tell you what works for me. What works for me.

Very specifically well, is having a short page, well, when you’ve seen the video pages, they’re really short, there’s a video, and then a buy button. What I like to do, is, what I like to do, is I’ve got that short page, I want to have the button to be above the fold. I want the buy button to be above the fold, and so, instead of having a video there, I’m just going to have four or five bullet points.

And then, what I have found I think that over time has been that obviously I’ve tested some things, etc. But what I find works really, really well is something that says along the lines of “add X Y Z to your order, so that you can learn X Y Z”. Okay, so I’m really focusing on the benefit. I’m not focusing on, this makes your order perfect.

I’m not a big believer in, you sell half a product, and then you get the rest when you upsell. You get everything that I promised you up front, just like in this training. Everything I promised is this training right here. Plus the other things that were on the download page. That were on the download page. If you wanted to get more than that, if you wanted me to give you a formula that goes across the board, not just the Warrior Forum, you’ve got the upsell.

So what I like to do is, something that says, wait, get the X Y Z, for a very special price, because I can say, because you’ve purchased my live training X Y Z, I want to offer you the X Y Z. Here’s what you get. Three or four bullet points. Now, here’s the thing, I could sell this for ninety-seven dollars, but because you’ve just bought my X Y Z, you’ll get the entire X Y Z for just, and then there’s the buy button with the price. I find that works really, really well.

Keep the Upsell Powerful

What I find works really well is, that if the upsell is directly related to the product. So, for example, if I’m teaching people how to do article marketing in the WSO, then the upsell needs to be about articles, or traffic, or something. Okay, so, it could be if I’m teaching article marketing, then the upsell could be seven traffic training type of things, seven different traffic sources.

Because if you’re looking at one traffic source, you might be looking at others. I do find that having multiple WSO’s increases conversion, as long as they’re converting. You put seven up, and only the first two are converting, take the other five down. Just inactivate them. Let’s face it, upsells are irritating, I don’t like going through upsells. Why do I use them? Because, you know what, they double the value of the sale. They really do. I mean, that’s why I use them. They double the value of the sale.

Obviously, I try to sell things that are going to change lives, I believe that everything in that sales formula change lives, sometimes I sell something, I think it’s going to change lives, I don’t get any good reports about it. Then, I just stop selling it. because it’s not changing lives.

So, I’m really focused on changing lives. And I believe that you should be too.

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