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Planning Out Each Track in Your Blueprint

Now for this track, we’re going to break this track down into segments.

The 1st segment is going to be the 1st product.

So what are the steps necessary for the 1st product?

Now I’m going to just give you a quick review of what these steps are, but this is not for the purpose of teaching you, it’s for the purpose of building this blueprint.

If you were building a house and you had the blueprint and it said to run electrical wire here to this plug, and this plug, and this plug. But today you’re a 1-man or 1-woman building crew, and you pull out the blueprint with those electrical instructions, but you don’t know how to run those wires…

What would you do?  You would go get training.  You would either buy a book on how to do it, or you would go hire an electrician to teach you.  Or maybe you would do trial and error if you’re not afraid of getting electrocuted.

That’s what it’s going to be with every step of building your business.  If you don’t know how to do it, you probably need to go get training on how to do it.

Sometimes what happens when you’re building your business is you get really overwhelmed.  There are 100 things to do in your business!  But you can only do 1 at a time.  That’s why we’re building this as tracks.  You’re probably already experiencing a feeling of simplicity.  Because we’ve just taken one track that we’ve made really simple: One product every other month.

Now we’re going to say, “okay, in January we’re going to create a product.”  What do we need to do to create a product?

  • 1st step: We need to research.  That might take 2 days.  We find out what we’re going to put into the product.
  • 2nd step: Outline our product. That might take 2 days.
  • 3rd step: Let’s say we’re recording a product.  What is it going to be, a 5-hour recording?  If it’s a 5-hour recording, that will take 5 hours.
  • 4th step will be put the recordings on a download page.  1 hour.
  • 5th step: Write a sales letter.  2 days.

That’s it!  That’s our product right here.

That’s track 1.

If you don’t know how to do one of these steps, you learn that step and you do it in January.  Then, when it comes to March and it’s time to do the second product, the second product is easier.  Because you don’t have to learn all these things.  You get to the place where you can create a product from top to bottom in 1 day.  In 8 hours.  You research for an hour, you outline for an hour, you record for 3 hours, download takes you 5 minutes, you write a sales letter in 2 hours.  8 hours.  Done.

Now the danger happens when you think today that you can do it in 1 hour.  1 day.  You can’t.  You’re a beginner.  Never done it before.  So, it’s going to take some time.

It’s kind of like if you learn how to cook a new recipe.  Never cooked it before.  You’re going to have to read the recipe.

You’re going to have to really think about “how do I get 3/4’s of a cup of this?  Do I buy 3 1/4 packages at the store?  Or do

I buy a 2 lb. Package and find a way to get 3/4 of a cup out?”  So you have to think about it.

And then when you’re reading the directions, you go all the way through, and you say “okay, I need to turn the stove on to this temperature.” It might take you an hour to figure out how to do this recipe.  But if you’ve made it 25 times, you don’t need the recipe anymore at all.

I want to bring that up because one of the things that I’ve discovered in internet marketing is that so often… Now, this may not be you, but I’m really trying to make this just cover everybody.  That’s why some of what I’m sharing with you may seem so simple.  Bear with me.  I want to make this for everybody.  This is the people’s training here.  The people’s blueprint.  Something everybody can get…

What happens is, I find that, for example, with articles:  I’ll give someone instructions on how to write an article.  3 days later they come back and they say, “I wrote my 1st article.”

And I say, “Congratulations!  How do you feel about it?”

“Well, this is pretty cool.  But it won’t work for me.”

“What do you mean it won’t work for you?”

“Well because I can’t write 1k articles a year… because it took me 3 days to write this first article…  There’s no way I can do it.”

I say, “well, why don’t you write another one?”

Then 1 day later they send me that article.

But they say, “I still can’t do it, because it takes me 1 day.”

“Well, write 1 more.”

4 hours later they send it to me.  25 articles later, we’re down to a 20-minute article.

If you evaluate your year’s success by how long it takes you to do the 1st step on your blueprint, you would just give up.

You’ll just give up.

It would be kind of like if you commit today to losing some weight and gaining some muscle, and you go to the gym, and they do a 1 hour workout with you and tomorrow you can’t walk.  Because you haven’t worked out in a year.  And you say, you know what? I can’t do this.  Because I cannot be in pain for 6 months.

You’re missing the picture, it’s exactly the same thing here.

That’s track 1.

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