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Core Training Programs:

Coaching Program Home Study Course:

If you want to learn how to create a coaching program with, say, 100 clients paying $100 a month, this training will teach you just that:

Coaching Program Home Study Course 

Email Campaign Profits Formula:

If you want the deepest, most psychologically accurate, indepth discussion and training on how to write psychologically-compelling email campaigns that naturally lead your prospects to trust you and then buy from you the way my campaigns do, this training will do that. (Note, it’s not a full sales – page, I never wrote one for this, I have sold this exclusively via teleseminar in the past, so you get teleseminar-pricing on it):

Email Campaign Profits Formula

Maven/Influencer Training Program:

If you want to build an information business, and it seems like all the training you get simply tells you something like “find a niche, build a list, and sell them something” and you sense there is more to it than that, you are right! Would it help if you could “see” someone building a brand-new infobusiness from scratch – and explaining WHY they do each step? If so, I suggest the maven/influencer training below. It’s a recording of a set of trainings I did where I started a brand new infobusiness site from scratch . . . I explain why I do what I do, and even SHOW you how I do it (since it’s recorded, not live (it already happened), you get it all on one download page, instead of day by day, as the sales letter may still say):

Maven/Influencer Training Program

Free Consult Selling Program:

If you want to learn how to sell $5,000 to $10,000 Consulting Packages 1-1 Over the Phone, I recommend my “Free Consult Selling Program” which teaches you exactly what to say and how to say it to close $5,000 to $10,000 coaching and consulting packages over the phone:

Free Consult Selling Program

 — Sean Mize

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