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Progressively Optimizing Your Email Campaign for Conversion

You’re going to analyze your emails for conversions:

  • Find the emails that are converting at 30%.
  • That are converting at 20%.
  • That are even converting at 10%.

And you come up with 20 emails that are each getting 15 clicks on average for 100 subscribers. That means you’re going to get 300 visits across 100 subscribers. But, if you were to optimize and keep only the emails in your campaign that are converting at over 10%…

…and, you were to replace the emails that are converting at less than 10%…

After a while your average conversion might be 12%.

Notice, we still haven’t optimized your sales page. We’ve done nothing to optimize your sales page. We have not optimized your language. We have not optimized for any “hypnotic” sales words. We have not optimized for anything “powerful.” All we’ve done is evaluate our conversion rates per email every month. We’ve kept the good ones, discarded the bad ones, and written more to test.

Let’s just imagine that you do this for 6 months, and your average conversion rate on your average sales letter is 12%. Well if you get 300 visits in 20 days, multiply that by 12% and you now have 36 sales out of 100 subscribers. Instead of the 2 sales you started with!

Once again, we haven’t touched the sales page!

I’m not saying that you’ll likely ever get to 36% conversion. If you’ll remember at the very beginning, I told you that I would probably not recommend 20 days of selling in a row. I would probably recommend 1/3rd content, 1/3rd going to high-ticket program, and 1/3rd going to your sales page.

So realistically you might have 7 emails going to the sales page that maybe get an average of 20 visits for 140 visits times that 12% for 16.8 sales out of just 7 emails. The rest would be content or high-ticket, or coaching, or something else. Out of 100 subscribers.

I hope all of you are seeing the power in this.

Obviously, I’ve used totally hypothetical numbers. You’re going to have to go into your own autoresponder and analyze: on day 2 you’re converting like this, on day 3 you’re converting like this. But the scientific law remains the same.

If you will constantly get rid of the bottom 50%, and replace it with things that operate much like the to 50%, over time you will have much better emails that will do this selling for you.

Obviously in this training I haven’t talked about how to write an email. I haven’t talked about how to write an email campaign. I haven’t talked about how to write a sales letter. All of those things are important. But hopefully, in giving you this demonstration, I’ve shown you that probably the most important thing that you can do to increase conversions in your email campaigns or to your list or to your subscribers in the first 20 days, is the optimization of your email campaign itself.

Everything else can happen. You can become a better writer. You can start optimizing your sales page. But when you use this process for email campaign optimization, you will be absolutely amazed at what will happen to your sales.

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