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Q&A On Creating Products for Your Funnel

Product creation should be easy. Of course you’ve got to have the knowledge and do the work to create the product, but it’s not complicated. I’ve shared my process with you (Click here for my method for outlining each of your products). It’s still a little intimidating to make a product, however. Here are some questions I’ve gotten that can hopefully clear things up for you 🙂

Question: You said outline your knowledge and write out 10 topics. But let’s say that you have 50 topics, on that piece of knowledge. Is it a better idea to, pick the top, or what you think are the most important, 10, or would you suggest combining several topics into one bigger topic? Which way should you go with that?

Here’s my answer: First of all, there’s no right or wrong way to do this. If you have 50 topics, plus obvious subtopics for each of those 50 topics, then you’ve got enough material to create a hundred products over time.

What I recommend that you do first is actually write out all 50 topics. Don’t just write out the ones you’re going to use right now. Write everything out. That way you’ll be able to make a totally informed decision for yourself about what to start with.

Then you have to make a decision. See, over time, you’ll create several different types of products.

  • One product will go really deep into one topic.
  • Another product will just literally be a quick overview of all 50 topics.
  • Another product might be 3 topics rolled into one.
  • Another product might be, again, just one thing stand-alone.

I can’t really recommend what’s the best thing for you to do first. If that becomes a roadblock for you in a week, and you’re stuck because of your indecision, make an arbitrary decision. Close your eyes, and throw a dart at the wall, and whichever sticky note you come up with, it would be the right one, because it just doesn’t really matter. Hopefully that makes sense. You need to get started and trust that it will build over time.

My Recommendations for Structuring a Funnel From Your Outline

Having said that, if you’re looking at this for a funnel with a: $100 product, $500 product and a $1k product, and a coaching program, you can plan that out.

What I would probably recommend, for your $100 product, is something that’s introductory. Something that may not touch on all 50 topics, but is introductory. Give people an idea of everything that you teach. Because, remember, when you sell your initial product, that’s not your profit maker, that will barely pay for your traffic. That is not going to teach people everything that they need to know.

You have hundreds, probably of hours of information. If you teach for 3 hours, they’re going to be scratching the surface. So the purpose of that first $100 product, really from your perspective, should be to prove to people who buy it that you know what you’re talking about, and that you can improve their life by working with you. You’re going to deliver good solid information.

But, you’re only going to be delivering the tip of the iceberg. Because it’s not possible to deliver more. Just like, if you go to a restaurant that has 80 different items on the menu, one evening you can only select one of those items. Maybe you could select 2 if you add an appetizer in. But if you want to sample everything in that restaurant, you’re going to need to come back every Friday night, for a year, before you can sample everything in that restaurant.

That’s the way it is with your $100 product. That’s simply the first entree that they’re purchasing from you. It’s going to give people a desire to want more.

In the $1k product, you’re going to do one of two things. I like to ask my buyers what they want next. That’s how I do it. If you’re just starting out you won’t have a lot of subscribers, so again, arbitrarily, choose what the next one is going to be.

What this might be, let’s say your $100 product was an overview of 10 or 12 of your 50 things that you can teach on. Your $500 product maybe digs deeper into 3 of those. Then, your $1k product, maybe it goes wider and digs deep into 8 or 10 items, but they’re strategically placed so that, each one of those items fits into a pattern.

Let each one build on the previous one. You can do this in your niche. You can have 10 recordings that work together, and build together. And then when you build your coaching program, you’ve got a choice. You can go wide, and literally coach on all 10 topics, or you can create a coaching program that’s really designed for people that have a hard time in one particular area.

I hope this clarifies things and makes them less overwhelming. Just write those ideas down and pick a few to do an introductory class on. As you get subscribers and customers, ask them what you should do next. Or browse for top titles in your niche on Amazon, or read top forum posts – those are good ways to get ideas. The important thing is to pick something and run with it. Create the product!

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