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Quick Tip: Creating Emotional Connection in Your Email Campaign

There are a few different things that go into writing an interactive email campaign. An interactive email campaign is one in which when you’re communicating with your subscribers; you’re mimicking and offline relationship through the process of interacting with your subscribers.

Creating Emotional Connection

A good emotional campaign takes your emails from being one sided, from you constantly sending messages to your subscribers (which is what most people do in their emails campaigns), to taking the email campaign to a level where your subscribers feel like they’re having a conversation with you.

The way we obtain the emotional elements is by writing emails that contain very specific calls to respond to the email and we write emails that ask emotionally driven questions to get your subscribers to a place where they want to communicate with you.

One of the questions that I often get when I teach on this topic is, “Well, if I have an interactive campaign like this, isn’t that a lot of work?” I’ll come back to that.

You’re going to have an emotional connectivity but you’ll have an interactive element where people inside our email campaign are able to personally connect with us. It will feel just as real just as if we had an offline conversation with them.

One of the mistakes that I see most people making in their email campaigns, and this includes people that are making very, very good money online, and this includes people that connect very well. The biggest mistake I see people making online when they’re writing emails is that the emails are one sided. It’s almost like the emails are written to a group audience, there’s no interactive component that allows people to really draw in and build relationships.

What happens is that when we create an interactive email campaign is that in that campaign we have interactive elements that allow people to personally communicate with us and respond to us via email. We’re able to have some level of personal communication. Remember that when that happens, conversion rates are driven up greatly.

If you personally communicate with someone, and we’re not talking about 37 emails, we’re talking about literally 1 email exchange back and forth, the conversion rate of those individuals may triple, quadruple, may even increase by 10 times of the conversion rate of what other individuals would be.

What we’re going to do is to dig in to those interactive elements and what needs to be in them.

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