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Quick Tip: How to Create Your Lead Magnets Fast

While it’s important to create lead magnets that people can’t live without and in a form that will be easy for them to obtain the promised benefit as quickly as possible, it’s equally important that you learn how to create them efficiently. This is especially true if you’re a solopreneur. You may have honed the fine art of delegation, but you’re simply moving your tasks from one side of your desk to the other, then you have a problem.

You have to find a way to do it all.

The central problem is that those products with the highest perceived value also require the greatest skill to create.

Although many people find it difficult to write a lot of content, quite often creating a recording or a video is even more daunting. Most people don’t like the sound of their own voice, even though that’s what other people hear. And the added complication of creating slides, “filming” them on screen, and narrating at the same time can be frustrating as well. Add to that the need to do this all fast, and you have a nightmare in the wings.

A 20-minute video with animation, for example, may engage your audience and make them want to stop everything they’re doing to watch it. And it may contain so much good information that they want to learn more about you. But if it takes you six months to produce it, that clearly is not efficient.

You need to find a compromise between what is easiest for your prospects and what you can crank out quickly.

This is a problem for beginners. They worry that no one will be interested in their free product if it’s not perfect. But the truth is that prospects are more interested in value, than high production values. In fact, if your product looks like it”s been professionally produced, it’s more likely to put them off. They’ll reason that they don’t have the skill to make their products like that, and they don’t have the money to pay someone else to do it for them either.

An amateur “production” may dissuade some people from staying on your list. But that doesn’t matter because if your product delivers a lot of value, there will be plenty of them who are captivated by what you have to teach them. And in the end, that’s all that matters.

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