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Quick Tip: When and Why You Should Share Personal Info in Your Campaign

When should you share in your emails?

Here’s what I think: my faith is important to me, and what I’ve discovered just in the course of teaching people what I know, because this is so important to me, it tends to come out from time to time. I make reference to it. I just made a commitment that I want people to know as soon as possible what I stand for from a faith perspective and if there’s someone out there that says, “You know what, I have an entirely different faith orientation and because of that, I don’t want to learn from you.” You know, it’s in their best interest to just unsubscribe.

On the other hand if you think about it, this is a polarizing type of thing, obviously people that share my faith will say, “I respect him for his faith.” Then there are other people that have different faiths than me and can sit there and say, “”You know what, I respect the fact that although I disagree with his faith, I respect the fact that he will share his faith.”

What this does is allow a three way polarization to go on: one thing is, if you can’t stand that I am a Christian, you probably don’t belong on my list. If you love it, then you’ll draw closer to me anyway. Then there are some out there that just respect the fact that I’m putting myself out there willing to lose people due to my beliefs.

Whatever your faith is, maybe it’s something different than faith. I’ve seen people do this with being a dog lover. I’ve seen people say, “I’m a dog lover and if you don’t like dogs, you don’t belong on my list.” You might think that this sounds so simplistic. However, what’s going to happen in this case is that people who are dog lovers, there’s no other differentiation factor between you and your competition but you’re a dog lover, who’s the dog lover going to buy from? They’re going to buy from you.

If there’s something that’s dear to your heart, whatever it is, allow yourself to come through on your campaign. It doesn’t need to come through an email that’s as direct as mine. A lot of people do it very subtly on their blog, many people do it subtly in their email campaign. My faith is personally important enough to me for me to say, “You know what, I believe that other people should know what I believe.” I become very transparent with who I am.

We can relate this to one of the trust triggers. What am I doing here? I am building a consistency into my business, especially when people see my faith play out into the future. They see my honesty, my ethics, something that you may not see in the entire internet. You don’t always see honest people. People are frustrated with buying things that say that they’re going to do something but don’t do what they say they’re going to do. Once again, I’m positioning myself to being different simply by being transparent and by being me.

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