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Scrapbooking Teacher Example Online Business

Scrapbooking Teacher:

You see, if you are a scrapbooking coach and you teach scrapbooking . . .what if you did this:

Each day, do a 5 minute video of some technique and how to do it and post it on youtube and embed it on your site, and send it to your list and post it on facebook and anywhere else you hang out or have followers

(no marketing, just doing what you do)

at the end of one year you have 365 posts on your site with 365 videos in them and you have 365 videos on youtube

how many of your competitors have 365 videos?

no marketing, just doing what you do

So you ask, how do I “make money” then

what if you were to simply offer a live 3 week class on some sub-topic of scrapbooking and charge a fair price?

no marketing, just tell them what it is, like this:

Next week I am starting a 3 week live class where I will teach you:

–> how to create creative pages (or whatever other things scrapbooking teachers teach)

–> how to choose colors

–> an easy way to (do something scrapbooking people do)

the price is ________

You can sign up here if you want to: (link to pay)

Notice that’s all in an email!

You don’t even need a sales letter, nor any “marketing” words or anything like that!

Just tell them what it is.

Now maybe the following week you decide to record a new set of videos on a different topic. Additional to your youtube daily 5 min videos.

Maybe you do 6 videos on an advanced topic.

You add a membership category or custom post type on your website, and make it a membership.

The 6 videos are preloaded, and you promise to add 2 new videos each month, and live streamed scrapbooking demonstration.

That’s really easy to do, only takes a few hours a month.

That is your membership.

You send a non-marketing email out that says:

I am starting a brand new membership where you will get:

–> 6 videos on the ______ advanced topic

–> Each month I’ll be adding 2 new cutting edge videos each month

–> Each month I’ll do 1-2 live streamed scrapbooking demonstration and you can ask questions and I’ll answer them for you.

If you want to sign up: (payment link)

Notice, once again, no marketing, no marketing words – just telling them what you are doing.


Now, could you add a “sales page” – sure, but it doesn’t special “marketing words” – just tell them what it is.

And can you send followup emails after the first one that answers questions, tells them more about it, tells them it’s the last day to sign up before it starts, and so on?


But notice how natural all of this is . . .very natural.

You just act like who you are.

A scrapbooking teacher.

Youtube Video Teacher
Act Like Who You Are
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