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Selling Coaching and High-Ticket Products Via Email

The key to the email campaign is that we have to recognize what our purpose is, regardless of how we analyze any one particular email. The key is that we’re using this particular email set to accomplish a certain goal.

For example, let’s assume that the goal is to sell coaching or a membership program you offer. It could be a product or anything else that you offer too. Your goal could be to work backwards, so you start off with a $1,000 coaching program. Or go traditional low ticket to higher ticket, it’s up to you.

Again, for this example, let’s assume that coaching is the goal. The main question that we have to answer is: why would someone want to coach with you? They may want to coach with you because you’re an expert or they believe you to be an expert. They may want to coach with you because you’re the only person that they know they can teach them what they need to know. They may have tried everything else and have heard that your way works. We can make a list of 10 different reasons why people will roll with you.

Going backwards, we can ask, why would someone want coaching? Someone would want coaching because they realize that just having information isn’t enough, they need real feedback on their ideas. They may be more developed than this; they may just want expert advice. These are the types of reasons why people want coaching instead of buying an e-book.

Why would someone choose you? Because they see you as an expert. They see you as a qualified expert that can teach them something they’re unable to learn anywhere else (that they know of). This is the goal; this is what people are looking for and they’re going to enroll in coaching. So in order to get people to enroll in coaching, we have to make sure that everyone moves through your email campaign in such a way that when they get to your coaching, they recognize you as the expert and only person that can teach them what they need to know. We show ourselves as a qualified person.

Regardless of what your niche is, you should be able to find something that no one else teaches exactly the way that you do. This may involve re-creating a four step process (or something similar) so that the way that you teach it is like what no one else does. This will help to uniquely identify yourself. This is very important and will develop contrast in your program against your competitors. This, by itself is a very powerful concept.

Now if we’re going to get them to move the coaching, these things that have to occur in the email campaign: they need to trust you and see you as an expert (and hopefully they see you as unique from your competitors). We don’t want to approach them about coaching until they meet these standards; until they’re trusting you and viewing you as an expert.

There’s one additional thing that we need them to believe (know) about us before they get on the phone with us if we are going to sell high price coaching. Because, when they come to the call they come with an expectation of your value in terms of dollars. Being qualified, being an expert and authority, all these things leads to their inner, their subconscious, expectation of what you might charge.

They form this expectation by looking at our level of expertise or comparing this to what they believe should be a level of expertise from other people who are experts and coaches. They may compare this with other prices that they’re aware of. If they’re not aware of any prices in this niche they may compare to something else in another niche.

Unfortunately, if we leave this expectation to their mind alone and we don’t influence it, we have no control over what that expectation is. They may know someone who charges $5000 and they may know someone who charges $15 an hour for coaching. We have no control. Because of this, what we want to do before we approach our coaching call is create an expectation of what we are worth.

This is a critical element in our email campaign.

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