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Setting Up Marketing Funnels Focused on Specific Problems

Does that mean that all of your articles have to be on one tiny, tiny, targeted niche topic within your problem set? No.

What it does mean is that the more every article, or every piece of content that you create, diverges from your primary pain points, the less effective it will be at generating clicks, opt-ins, and buyers.

As we expand our market, and as we go through the process I’ve been teaching you about digging into people’s pains and problems, you may find that people have 100 core pains and problems in your niche.

When you evaluate those core pains and problems you may find that 50 of them are a natural fit for your squeeze page. They won’t all convert at the same rate. Some of those problems will convert at different rates to your squeeze page.

One way to solve this is to have 50 squeeze pages. Have a squeeze page that fits every single topic.

I’ve tried that, I’ve experimented with it, and I’ve discovered that I’m able to optimize conversion rates on my squeeze page if there’s a unique squeeze page for every article topic.

Now, having said that, I no longer do that, and the question is “why?”

Well, there’s a few different reasons. One is it’s very confusing when you have 50 different squeeze pages!

I have also discovered that with having the 50 different squeeze pages on 50 different topics, in the long run, the buying behavior of the people who come in through the different squeeze pages is just as different as the opt-in behavior was if there were multiple different article topics and one single squeeze page.

What that means is, by using one single squeeze page that effectively targets a good basket of the problems that are in your niche, you can still get good results. Remember, it needs to have some relationship to the problems that you’re teaching in the articles that you’re writing.

Then you’re able to to funnel people into the product funnel from that squeeze page (maybe you have two or three squeeze pages); we’re able to funnel people into the email campaign from this point. And we’re best able to optimize, and therefor maximize conversions by working with a single topic that people are actually entering your campaign on.

Think about it: if someone responds to a particular deep need, then it’s that particular need at which they will convert at the highest, all the way through the program. It doesn’t matter if that’s on day 1, day 30, day 90, day 180, in your email campaign.

Remember, I’m talking about this on an average basis. If you have a hundred individuals, eighty of them might respond in this way. Now you’ll have twenty that drop off and don’t respond as well.

That’s where it gets tricky. The question is, do you want to split those individuals off? Some would say yes! And, in fact, you will get higher conversion rates for those 20.

Or should you apply the 80/20 principle? And instead, double your efforts on the 80%, double the total amount of traffic, and instead of generating, let’s say 100 leads, that 80 of them are perfect for you, and then 20 of them you have to work really hard to convert. Instead, generate 160 leads, which is double the quality leads. Allow the 20 leftovers to just sort of drop off, because you’re not the prefect person to solve their problems, and you are actually able to help more individuals through the process of focusing on those individuals who have the deepest needs, pains, and problems that you’re best able to solve.

Then the next question comes up. What if I want to create a related product that will be supplementary for people?

Absolutely! By all means, you can create that supplemental product. But recognize that it’s a supplemental product. It’s something that you expose people to after they have purchased your core training. It’s something that you expose people to if they don’t buy your core training. It’s something that you expose people to if you find that conversion rates are really high on it.

The next question comes up. “What if there’s a sub market out there that would just buy that right off the bat? Can I create another list and another squeeze page to target that market?”

Yeah, you can. The only thing that you have to ask yourself is this: is the time involved, and the effort involved in working on this supplementary product, and getting people to buy it, is that going to generate as much revenue as if I had put the same amount of time into improving my current problem stream that I’m solving for people? If I would have put the same amount of time and energy as I’m going to put into the supplemental product into just diving more targeted prospects into my primary funnel, would it be as valuable?

Obviously, if you’re able to set some things up so that they’re totally automated, that might be different. If they get into that funnel, then they are over time exposed to your main funnel, and you find that it’s profitable, and you’re able to outsource everything or automatic all the work around that supplemental article or topic, could you do that?


I want to be really clear that I’m getting into all the options that you can do. I’m sure that I haven’t gotten into ALL the options, but I have touched on what the options are. And yet, I’ll warn you, just because I’m giving them as options doesn’t mean they’re the best way to run with things.

I personally believe that the best way to build your business is to be highly focused and be an expert at solving one specific problem, challenge, or very tightly related family of problems, pains, and challenges. Instead of branching off into lots of topics… instead become deeper, and deeper, and more and more of an expert at your topic. And become better and better at driving the traffic necessary to increase the amount of people that are in your funnel on the particular deep topic that you are dealing with.

The biggest thing I want you to take away from this is: you don’t just want to determine what the real problems, pains and challenges are. You want to stay as true as possible to solving those pains and problems all the way through your marketing solution.

From your download, to your email campaign, to your sales letters, and to your products. This will allow you to generate the highest level of profitability because you’re going to get the people on your list really engaged… and you’ll get them really engaged because you’re going to stick to the topic that brought them to your list in the first place.

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