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Setting Up Tracking for Email Optimization

You may be asking “What if my auto-responder service can’t do this kind of tracking?  Or, what if I just don’t really want do it through my auto-responder service because it’s complicated?”

Here’s a couple of different things you can do.

One thing that you can do is that you can go get a tracking service, a link tracking service.  All you need is a tracking service that allows you to create a unique URL for each day.  And it forwards that unique URL, redirects, to your sales page, and it simply tracks how many sales come if they come to that unique URL.

For example, you would have a URL for day 1.  “”  “”  Except it would probably be the tracking service, so it would be “”  Then your tracking link for the next day would be “”

At the end of 20 days it would tell you the conversion rate on people who clicked the day 1 link.  The conversion rate of people who clicked day 2 link.  The conversion rate of people who clicked day 3 link.  That’s another way you can set up your tracking.

You can use a tracking service that just tracks a URL by the day.  That’s another easy way to do it.

The last way to do it, that’s much more advanced, using a lot of resources and, you know if you just love technology, this might be the way to go.  You can purchase a subscription to an all-inclusive tracking service that just tracks anything you tell it to.  It uses tracking codes and code on your website, and all of those good things, and does everything for you.

I want to say this, my experience with those types of all-inclusive services is, unless you’re tracking everything in your business, and it’s important for you to do that, I believe it’s overkill.  They use resources, they use a lot of resources.  It takes up a lot of data. You’ve got to run reports. There’s a lot that’s involved.  There’s a lot of setup.  But, if that’s your thing,

I don’t want to write it off.  That’s why I’m sharing it with you as an option.

But, you want to choose one of these methods.  Or make up your own method. For being able to track what’s going on in every single email.

I want to summarize and kind of wrap these things up for you.

I want to repeat how powerful it is when you’re able to understand per email what your conversion rates are.

Because every email has its own unique open rate. Its own unique click through rate. And, most importantly perhaps, it has its own unique conversion rate on the sales page.  It’s critical to optimize for open rate, click through rate, and for the conversion rate to that email!  If you’re doing all of those things, over time your conversion rate will lift.  When your conversion rate lifts, you’re making more sales per subscriber.  When you make more sales per subscriber you make more money per subscriber.  When you make more sales per subscriber you’re able to impact more people in the world.  If you’re able to impact more people in the world, more people tell other people about you and you become more famous.

If you’re making more sales per subscriber, you’re making more money.  If you’re making more money, you can reinvest more money in traffic.  You can do back end campaigns.  You can do coaching program campaigns.  When you start with this process right here, it opens the door to being able to change the world by helping more people, and make more money because you’re able to invest more money into your system because you’re generating higher and higher conversion rates per email in your email campaign.

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