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Tactics to Quickly Take Your Income to the Next Level

Do you need to take your online income to the next level? These are real-world tactics I’ve used to write compelling sales letters and boost my own conversion rates.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m able to create a product and I’m able to quickly write a sales letter. Why am I able to so quickly write a sales letter? It’s because I’ve written so many of them and I’ve realized there’s some commonality.

The sales letter’s really easy:

Ask some questions to find out if people have a need, then tell them I’ve come up with the solution. Tell them a little story about how I cam up with a solution, or why they might need it, tell them the bullet points, and then tell them this is a dime sale and the price goes up every time someone buys (I’m using a shopping cart system that lets me set up dime sales). Conversion rates tend to be pretty high.

Promote to Your Buyers First

Let me give you another secret: the first day when I promote I only mail to people who have bought a product in the last 90 days.

I’ve done the testing and I’ve realized that if you’ve bought a product four months ago, but you have not bought one in the last three months, your conversion rate is going to be really, really low. And so I want my conversion rates to be high on the first day, because I want the affiliates to be excited about promoting. So, I only mail to people who I think are probably going to want to buy, which is the 90 day buyers.

And, by the way, 30 day buyers convert at a higher percentage than 60 day buyers, that did not buy in 30 days, that convert at a higher level than 90 day buyers, who did not buy in the last 60 days. So, we know this, we know what these numbers are. Pretty much robust over time.

So then, if the conversion rate is really, really high, but I need more sales, then I will maybe go ahead and roll it out to other segments of my list to get people to say, okay let’s jump in there, let’s buy, etc.

Launch Frequently

Then I hit on this idea, and this really comes to me, I was probably doing a launch almost every week anyway, and you say, Why were you doing so many? Well, because I was maximizing revenue. I mean, once sales leveled off on one product, the only way to make more money was to launch another one. I’m using a particular forum to launch products, but you could do this on many affiliate networks, your own website, etc.

And so, that might be in five days, seven days, or nine days, but I found that as long as I waited four, five, six days I could launch another one and do the revenue all over again. So, if I launched one and made a thousand or fifteen-hundred dollars, I could wait five days and launch another and make a thousand or fifteen-hundred dollars.

Then I came up with the formula, or discovered the formula, that I could teach folks like you to start from scratch. Sell five your first week, ten the second, fifteen your third week and more, because it worked. I found that if, a couple of clients asked, and I gave them a suggestion and they did it, it worked.

Bump for More Sales

The thing is you can do more than five your first week, you know if you’re promoting to a big affiliate platform, some platforms let your bump your offer every time it falls off the 2nd page, or the 1st page, or whatever the rules are now, then you can bump it. And every time I bumped it, bumped a product I made three, four, five, six more sales.

You can just bump, and bump, and bump to be able to continue to get those sales, and as you’re getting those sales, those people are being loaded into your buyer section. Well, you may say it cost me forty bucks to bump, I only do forty dollars in revenue, well great, that’s free advertising. I mean, well, think about it, it’s free advertising. You get seven new buyers for free.

What are those seven new buyers, well, they’re list members. You can drive traffic with them. You can write them an e-mail every day. You can send them the next product when you launch and you’ll make more sales.

Build Momentum Over Time with a Buyer’s List

The key to this folks, the key to this, the thing that was key for me, was the momentum that happened when more and more buyers got onto my list. My list today is probably eighty percent buyers. Eighty percent buyers! Why? Because, I’m hardly doing any lead generation stuff, I do BUYER stuff.

So any affiliates, any affiliate traffic, that’s going to be buyer stuff, not lead gen stuff. I want people to become buyers. Why? Because buyers are filtered, buyers are filtered. Buyers get great value from your product – and they become loyal customers. You want buyers.

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