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Take Email Optimization to the Next Level

I want to take this one level further.

I want you to imagine that you’re doing this.  You’re getting 100 subscribers. Let’s say that you do get to 16 sales per 100 subscribers.

These are $100 sales each, and you’re generating $1600 for every 100 subscribers within the 20 days. Would that allow you to start reinvesting some of that money so that a few months from now you’re generating 1k subscribers a month, with no additional outside investment?

Seriously, if you start out with 2 sales per 100 then you’re making $200 a month on 100 subscribers.  6 months later you’re making $1600 per basket of 100 subscribers.  Instead of taking that money home as lunch money, instead you reinvest all of that money into subscribers and after a few months you should be generating 1k subscribers.

Now if you’re generating 1k subscribers and 160 front end sales you can build even more. What if you were to then have a 20-day sequence that also optimized for your back-end $400 training program?  And you were to use the exact same email optimization process that I just shared with you with 100 subscribers.  And you were to use the same process with a 20-day email campaign that up-sells 160 people into your $400 training program.

Let’s imagine exactly the same process.  You write 20 emails, you let them run for a month, and of these 160 people, you find that 10 of them perform better than the other 10.  You get rid of the ones that don’t perform and you put 10 more in that perform better.  You do the same thing with the conversion rate – you increase it steadily.  I’m not going to go through all the numbers.  You do the same thing to the conversion rate.

What would happen if you could get to the place where now you’re generating 20%, 30% maybe even 40% of people buying your back end product after buying front end products because you have an optimized email campaign on the back end as well.

This is a process that can work repeatedly.

What if you launch a new product next year?

You could write a 20-day email sequence and optimize for the new product in your email campaign.

What if you launch a coaching program?

You could do the same thing.  You could optimize a 20-day coaching program selling sequence.

You may say, do I need a 20-day coaching program email sequence?  Probably not.

Again, this is just hypothetical numbers.

You could have a 15-day entry campaign.

You can have a 30-day entry campaign.

What I want you to get out of this, is the idea that just by operating on your email campaign, just using the stats that are inherent in your auto-responder account, you can figure out how to increase the sales of your front end item.  You can figure out how to increase the sales of your back end item. You can figure out how to increase the sales of your coaching program, without doing anything else.

Now, once again, I’m not throwing everything else out.  You need to do everything else.  You need to know who your target market is.  You need to learn how to write a headline.  You need to learn how to write a decent email.  You need to do all those things.  But this, in and of itself, will incredibly increase your conversion rate, and it will increase everything on down the road.

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