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Take Your Prospects from Pain to Solution

Today I’m going to teach you how to bridge the gap between the pain of your prospects and the solution that you offer.

Let’s just start with a marketing premise.  What’s our marketing premise?

We’re in business to help people with something.  We’re in business to help people with whatever their challenges are…

…whatever their problems are.  Especially if we’re in the information business, we’re in the information business for the purpose of being able to solve people’s problems and solve people’s challenges.

But what does that really mean?

It means that someone needs to have a problem if they’re a valid prospect… They need to have a problem, or a challenge, or a pain.

If someone does not have problems, they probably don’t need us.

There may be a small market for prevention of problems.  Unfortunately, most people do not invest in the prevention of problems.  That means attempting to market to those individuals is not the easiest thing.  If you’re in information marketing, and you’re almost always going to be marketing to solve problems.  To solve challenges.  To relieve pain.  Etc.

How are you going to do that?

You are going to provide a solution.

Now, notice that probably 80% of what I’ve just shared with you has been all about the pain, the problem, the challenge, and not the solution.

In most of today’s information marketing, where do we see most of the effort expended?

We see it on the solution.

We see people talking about the solution on their squeeze page.  We see people talking about the solution in their email campaign.  We see people talking about the solution in their sales letters.

Most of the time, what I perceive that I see, is that maybe 80% of all the talk is about the solution, and not the problem.

Here’s the issue with that: when we do that kind of marketing, we are not accurately targeting those people that need our help.

You see, if they knew what the solution was, if they were taking action on the solution, then they actually don’t need you.

The people who need you, the people who are going to invest with you, are those individuals who are currently going through pain, or a challenge, or a problem.  That means you must market to the pains, the problems, and the challenges.

A Quick Discussion on Traffic

Many new internet marketers are searching for traffic.  They want to send traffic to their solution.

But what they should be doing is finding out where the people are that have problems, have pains, and have challenges.  Then you should offer a solution to those individuals.

Don’t create a big, wide net and say “Okay, everybody out there, here’s a solution.  If you need a solution like this, then come here, I am the marketer, and come to me for the solution.”

Actively seek out those individuals who have pains instead.  Look for the people who have problems.  The people who have challenges. Then specifically market to those individuals with pains, problems and challenges.

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