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The 10k a Month Blueprint

I want us to look at what it is going to take to be at $10k a month.

You may need 5 products that you sell for $97 to $497 each.  One coaching program of payments of $97 to $197 per month.  30 minutes of daily content.  1 daily email.  And some number of subscribers.

We want to get to 10k a month following the full blueprint.  You’re probably going to need about 4k to 5k subscribers.  You can do it on less.  If you had more then you wouldn’t have to work so hard.

These are the pieces that we need.

Now if you’re writing this down, you’ll notice there are 5 lines:

  • There’s line 1 which is 5 products.
  • There’s line 2 which is 1 coaching program.
  • There’s line 3 which is 30 minutes of daily content.
  • There’s line 4 which is daily email.
  • Then there’s line 5 which is 4k to 5k subscribers.

Your blueprint is going to be multifaceted, just like your architectural blueprint is multifaceted.  If you’ve ever seen a full set of blueprints, you see that one has the woodwork on it, for the walls and the roof.  Then there’s an electrical blueprint.

There’s a plumbing blueprint.  There’s a glasswork blueprint.  There’s whatever else.  You have a number of different blueprint pieces that layer; they stack on top of each other.  And the electrician takes his and he does he does daily work and he puts the electric work in.  The plumber has his and he puts his pieces in.  The carpenter comes in and starts on day one and does his pieces.

If you were a big corporation, you would have five departments.  You would have a product department. You would have a coaching department. You would have a 30 minutes a daily content department. You would have a daily email department.  And you would have a subscriber acquisition department.
But, if you’re reading this training, you’re probably a 1-man or 1-woman show; you’re going to be all five departments.

You’re going to be like the carpenter, and the electrician, and the plumber, and the roofer, and the door hanger, and the foundation digger all at once.

When you draw up your blueprint, it’s going to have multiple tracks that occur at the very same time.  So if you know anything about music (and I don’t know very much, but I do know this):  If you’re recording an orchestra or something, you have multiple microphones, and each one of those microphones creates its own track.  Then there’s a smart musician person that makes all of those tracks run at the very same time.  So you can hear the violin, you may hear vocals, you can hear the trombone, you can hear the piano – there are multiple tracks and they all run at exactly the same time.

That’s how your blueprint is going to work.  You’re going to have multiple tracks and they’re all going to work at the same time.

I’m going to demonstrate this with one track.  Then we’ll duplicate that track all the way through.

Your first track is going to be create 5 products in one year.  Draw a line that says 5 products in 1 year.  If you really want to get smart with this, you could draw 12 lines.  And above those lines you could mark January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

Now if you have 5 products in 12 months, basically you could create the 1st product in January.  You could take a month off, you could create the 2nd product in March, take a month off.  You could create the 3rd product in May, take a month off.  You could make the 4th product in July, and take a month off.  The 5th product in September, and take a month off.

That’s the 1st track.

This is the 1-year blueprint.

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