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The Secret to Generating Buzz with High-Quality Content

Those who have the greatest online authority earn it by publishing content of such a high-quality that no one can touch them. They learned how to do it with practice, but they didn’t start out just like everyone else.  You need to understand this key:  they began with an entirely different attitude from everyone else.


Instead of just doing what was necessary, they over-delivered in every respect. If the minimum was 300 words, then they did 400.

If most people posted on their blog twice per week, then they wrote four or five times. If the norm was one guest post per month, they would do one every week.

But there’s more to publishing content than volume. That’s just the starting point; and if that’s all you do, then you’ll never optimize your online authority.

Get Your Content Where Your Audience Goes

So you need to spread it around. The high-quality will get the attention of those who see it; but if no one sees it, then it doesn’t matter.

The only way you’re going to get a lot of eyeballs to see it is if you put it right in front of them. And that means that you have to put it in a number of different places.

For example, those who like to read will visit blogs and article directories. Those who like to listen might go to iTunes. And many will use YouTube because of the entertainment value of just watching.

Publish Consistently

You also need to publish your content often. If you do it only a few times, then no one will notice. It you do it 20 times, you might get a couple. But if you do it 100 times or 500 times, then you’ll start to show up everywhere, and your authority will begin to grow.

There’s one more thing that you need to do, and that’s to publish it consistently. For example, let’s say that you decide articles. Which of these methods do you think would be the most effective: writing 100 articles first and then publishing them all on Monday, or distributing 10 per day over the next 10 days?

You see, not everyone is going to visit the places where you publish your content every day. So if you happen to distribute it on a day when they’re not looking, then by the time they return to the place where they would, it will be buried under all the material that other people have submitted the last time they were there.

Create Your Own Buzz

Before the Internet, buzz meant bees. If one got close enough to you, then you probably noticed it. But when it flew more than a couple of feet away, then it faded from your memory. If you happened to visit a honey farm, however, or stumbled onto a nest, then you could hear the hum.

On the Web, buzz isn’t created by bees, but by people. And they talk about an infinite range of subjects that are subsumed under the topics of health, wealth, and relationships. But every once in a while, the nature of that buzz changes. Instead of a range of topics, you are the topic. Instead of a collection of conversations, everyone is talking about you.

And the “sound” that that makes is called buzz.

Buzz comes from excitement about new information that is applied in a way that yields spectacular results. And when you create it, then that makes you exciting, too. The more you have to say, the more excited people get, and some will hang on your every word.

How can your content create buzz? How can you get people to talk about you online?

It’s all about meeting them where they are and then building relationships with them. Someone once said that no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Offline, those who have the most charisma attract people naturally. But if they don’t take an interest in those who want to sit at their feet, then their admirers will find someone else to whom they can give their adulation.

Online, charisma comes from authority gained from an uncommon knowledge and an undying commitment to a higher plane. Those who have it focus on what matters most to them and with relentless determination ignore everything else. That degree of conviction together with a powerful message guarantees them a place of authority.

Many have the commitment, but no message. They’re determined to share what they know, but when they’re given the chance, they have nothing to say except what has been said already.

Some have a message, but no commitment. They think that people will flock to them on the strength of the little bit of content that they sprinkle here and there.

But vision and focus attracts people like bees to honey and, in both cases, you can hear the buzz.

To create buzz, you have to have both.

You need the quality, the volume, the real estate, and a schedule; but it all begins with your attitude – and it grows with your commitment and passion.

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